Siemens 5128 5129 Four-Channel (Fire-Secondary) Digital Communicator, data sheet

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s Sheet Safety Products System Accessories Fire Secondary Digital Communicator 5128 5129 5230 AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS Four 4 fully supervised input channels Dual phone line interface and line fault Automatic 24 hour test Reports in eight 8 standard formats Local keypad Programmer Annunciator Model 5230 Remote programming Upload Download Relay output for system Alarm or Trouble Compact size allows mounting in most control also available in separate enclosure Model 5129 Overview Fire Safety offers the 4 four channel digital communicators Models 5128 5129 by Silent Knight These are designed to monitor UL FACPs Model 5128 is specifically designed meets fire codes for mounting in FireFinder 3 SXL EX and MXL system enclosures from each of the aforementioned FACPs Model 5128 and by user friendly English version available with the local programmer 5230 Inputs 4 supervised unsupervised channel inputs be configured as either voltage inputs active or low inputs or contact closure inputs 5230 5129 UL864 9th Edition Listed NFPA 72 Chapter 4 for Central Remote Station monitoring UL Listed as a secondary communicator for to System 3TM SXL FireFinder and MXL fire alarm control panels FACPs 1 Alarm Fire 2 Trouble Fire 3 Sprinkler Supervisory 4 Alarm Undefined FACPs XLS SXL EX and MXL use a contact for each channel XLS FACP connects to Model 5129 via the dry on the Alarm Trouble and Supervisory on the Power Supply Charger Model PSC preset channels are programmed as follows Monitors 2 phone line circuits detect phone line faults monitoring their voltages Reporting of a fault as trouble condition is delayed by 40 90 seconds If condition should persist an audible trouble either Model 5128 or Model 5129 will sound and the trouble event be reported to the central station Models 5128 5129 are equipped with line seizure to ensure accessibility Industry Inc Technologies Division Four Channel Digital Communicator 4000 Data DC Load Output Lights Formats 24 VDC from UL Listed FACP 84mA Alarm 154mA at 1Amp VDC 24 VAC for or Trouble LED Power LED Phone line Trouble LED Input fault and Trouble terminals for phone line and outputs Color coded flying leads control panel inputs via SK 3 1 SK 4 2 SESCOA 3 1 SK FSK 4 2 Radionics BFSK 14 and 23 SIA 8 SIA20 formats registration Number Equivalence 0.9B of Jack RJ31X two 2 jacks required for Ordering Knight 4 Channel Dual Line Digital Communicator Internal Knight 4 Channel Dual Line Digital Communicator Remote Annunciator with Harness Options 3 Mount in rear of enclosure or on rails Mount on inside front door below viewing or left side back box on inside of either a Model MHD 2 Model MSR 1 rail kit on inside of any Model CAB series continued Functions power up the Models 5128 and 5129 self system status A circuit on the resets the communicator if a failure Additionally a 24 hour auto test can be to a central station at a precise time installer can also initiate a manual test using Model 5230 programmer Downloading LCD keypad programmer Model 5230 can be connected to program or troubleshoot on site communicator English language assist in entering data changing the 24 test time and describing current conditions Monitoring FACPs as well as the Model 5128 and 5129 can be programmed to delay of this signal to a central station as by Underwriters Laboratories Data 5128 22.23 cm H 10.2 cm W 3.2 cm D Acrylic meets UL94 V0 Lbs 907 g 26.4 cm H 25.7 cm W 7.62 cm D Cabinet Lbs 2722 g Annunciator with harness Interface Kit RJ 31X block and cord ft 0.9m with spade connectors 5129 5230 5128 This marketing data sheet is not intended to be used for system design or installation purposes the most up to date information refer to each product installation instructions Industry Inc Technologies Division Safety Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 908 547 6877 www usa Siemens com Fire in U S A Safety Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada 905 799 9937 905 799 9858 2017 sheet dated 5 2013

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