Siemens AIC (for FireFinder) Audio Input Card, Data Sheet

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Catalog XLSV Input Card AIC two 2 analog audio inputs Two 2 independent analog audio inputs Two 2 external switch inputs to activate the Inputs are separately transformer isolated Inputs are separately supervised for loss of signal Inputs contain separate analog digital CAN network module Separate level indicator for each input Diagnostic light emitting diodes LEDs Downloadable firmware UL 864 9th Edition Listed ULC Listed CSFM NYMEA Approved Overview Audio Input Card Model AIC provides two 2 isolated analog inputs to the FireFinder system Model AIC also provides two 2 dry inputs used to separately activate the two 2 inputs Model AIC is a CAN network card and number of allowable addresses is from 1 to 99 AIC provides two 2 external isolated analog to the FireFinder XLSV system for external such as Tape recorders CD players PBX interface convenience paging from the telephone system AIC also has two 2 dry contact inputs to the two 2 audio inputs separately each input to be controlled automatically system logic or manually through switches on voice control panel Industry Inc Technologies Division input levels can be adjusted manually with push found on Model AIC or configured in the Zeus configuration software application AIC is a CAN network card and the number of addresses is from 1 to 99 CAN network for Model AIC must come from one Model DAC NET Up to 99 CAN module addresses available per enclosure maximum number of Model AIC cards on one 1 XLS system single node is two 2 Model cards AIC takes one 1 card slot and mounts in a or CC 5 card cage inside a CAB 1 CAB 2 or enclosure XLSV 6323 Back Plane Current active channel Ratings Power Back Plane Current Terminal 24V Current Standby Current AIC Audio Ratings Audio Input Audio Input Range Range Input 10mA for Ordering Card 1mW 0.775VRMS ohms differential to 15dBu 27 dB to 4.34VRMS to 12.3Vpp and Humidity Range are UL 864 9th Edition listed for dry locations within a temperature of 120 3 49 2 to 32 3 and at a relative humidity of 93 at a temperature of 90 3 32 2 This marketing catalog sheet is not intended to be used for system design or installation purposes the most up to date information refer to each product installation instructions Industry Inc Technologies Division Safety Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 908 547 6877 www SBT Siemens com FIS in U S A Safety Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada 905 799 9937 905 799 9858 2010 sheet dated 4 04 1

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