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These buildings are a home services from Siemens help the non profit housing association Alpenl offer its maximum comfort has been developing and implementing residential and complete projects Tyrol and Vorarlberg for almost 80 years offering residents attractive affordable and living space sustainable pacesetter trends instead of reacting to is the principle behind and the reason why non profit public housing associa is one of the most successful in western Austria as well a valued partner to the communities there Alpenl relies decades of experience and is seeking out new challenges successfully master Numerous including national and energy saving awards the Vorarlberg Developers Prize the Restoration of Old Buildings impressive proofs But there to it than just a desire to innovate all based on Alpenl commitment to its task a non profit association to create living space at stable that are predictable over the term is quality of life modernizing a total of 135 heating Alpenl found the partner in Siemens wanted to new standards in terms of heating analyses and hot water heating to play a pioneering role which why I contacted Siemens explains Muzyczyn Managing Director Alpenl The willingness both parties to assume this role and to develop a standard plant engineering that pro vides of energy costs was the for a collaboration that already lasted 16 years values the continuity of Siemens team and the fact that project was and continues to be joint venture This long standing has led to in depth of Alpenl where new ideas are yielding new challenges result extraordinary solutions that both partners you know building management platform CC sends an text message the responsible heating engineer benefit The cause of the error determined without on site and the engineer knows spare part is needed perfect place in numbers data points heating meters pa demand public housing association online complete oversight most important thing about heating system is that it heats it sounds trivial on the it essential for tenant and satisfaction equipment and drawing so that we can know why something works and why doesn work is very import to us says Muzyczyn summing up core requirement why availability and predictability crucial for the modernization of total of 135 heating systems With a of 9,000 data points the building platform Desigo CC that the heating systems are monitored around the The physical data is stored on a server in Feldkirch and can be by Alpenl employees a Windows app client CC is always online If a system malfunctions it sends e mail to Alpenl and after 30 minute delay to the heating responsible The benefit cause of the error has already identified so it doesn have to determined on site the engineer knows the spare part and of repair needed ahead of time faults are detected quickly and downtime is kept a minimum which in turn saves and money prevents unplanned reduces the number of main calls needed and improves satisfaction to operate efficient properties are equipped publicly funded solar plants for heating To evaluate the yield and Siemens jointly a system that uses a traffic system to make output transpar at a glance It always clear which is working within which parame which is important information public funds are involved a free energy source the solar is buffered in the heating system energy and reduces the number starting and switch off processes saving energy costs increasing and extending the plant life customized solution is an excellent of the cooperation between and Siemens brilliant idea on the part of the becomes the starting point a sophisticated solution that all the possibilities of digitali to create smart buildings that become perfect places their residents and owners because both energy efficient and That the most impor point for Muzyczyn for our residents is the Heimst philo And it precisely the reason Alpenl and Siemens will to cooperate closely in the A customized solar yield management system makes the output of installed solar plants transparent The building management platform CC with 9,000 data points well as e mail or text message in the event of a malfunction 600 data points for Navigator the energy and sustainability for meaningful energy data For 16 years a permanent team for as a basis for confident by Switzerland Ltd 2018 Technologies Division Headquarters 22 Zug 41 41 724 24 24 Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2018 no BT 0151 EN to changes and errors The information given this document only contains general descriptions performance features which may not always reflect those described or which may modification in the course of further devel of the products The requested performance are binding only when they are expressly upon in the concluded contract

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