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Better Of Course CC Connect V4.2 Highlights Siemens 2020 Computing is a distributed computing paradigm in which is largely or completely performed distributed device nodes known as Edge as opposed to primarily taking place in a cloud environment refers to the geographic distribution of nodes in the network enterprise or other by Wikipedia 2 2 BP BP Desigo CC Connect software gateway one of Desigo CC Connect of Desigo CC product to integrate a variety of devices protocols into a common software layer software platform the latest software technology to BACnet Modbus SNMP S7 and disciplines a common object and supported by a powerful engine The Desigo CC software gateway with its own back of embedded interpretation By moving more intelligence to Desigo CC Connect we can serve the such as data collection event logics and data interactions a central 3 CC Connect software gateway is and able to manage complex in small or scaled where distribution of computational is required The software is enabling integration at IP level and a full engineering environment In Desigo CC Connect able to information to a higher level via the API OPC BACnet or Support of latest IT standards Password protection Ethernet driver support for a of protocols disciplines Data collection Calculations and reactions Backup functionality Time functions Exposing of data via north Deployable on standard or Expandable hardware Interface s BP Desigo CC Connect to to create Apps data to 3rd systems Data Building Data to Fully Connected Ecosystems 4 BP CC Connect as an edge computational device computational intelligence power on premise filtering logics trends and time between different node if station is not 5 BP CC Connect for 3rd party applications party Connect in the south bound interface automation or danger applications components Provide a north bound interface for 3rd Management stations and or 6 BP CC Connect as a replacement product for MK 8000 8000 DA access CC Connect gateway safety etc units safety etc units streamlining of legacy software gateway with a state of the art technology powered by Desigo CC powerful engine 7 BP CC Connect as a replacement product for SX OPEN OPEN DA access CC Connect gateway streamlining of legacy software gateway with a state of the art technology powered by Desigo CC powerful engine 8 BP CC Connect Topology DA access CC Connect gateway 9 BP CC Connect in the box south bound and protocols north bound APIs protocols extensions etc own apps data with CC CC Connect all Systems Desigo CC also on Hardware System reactions functions data collection UI BP 10 CC Connect is not included Interface Desigo CC Connect is a software gateway running in the background only Mobility Desigo CC Connect includes no such as web client flex Mobile App etc Notification Desigo CC Connect is not remote notifications to e g SMS or e mails 11 hardware is not included BP CC Connect definition Openness be connected to any Web Data Processing Information Exchange and Functions Connectivity all Desigo CC Standard all disciplines Licensing for Desigo CC Connect CC Connect is a packaging and licensing option that enables the integration capabilities of Desigo CC as a software gateway having a full management station solution 12 BP Model SSNs provide the most competitive price 1000 points for discipline TBS Points functions south bound and north interfaces available subsystem 13 BP can be purchased multiple times in the same customer project to add additional 1000 points CC Connect hardware configuration Objects 14 configurations Examples of applications are covered embedded hardware Simatic Dell BOX 3000 Advantech hardware is not included BP Of Course CC Connect

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