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Siemens Switzerland Ltd Cities Sector Technologies Division Headquarters 22 Zug 41 41 724 24 24 information in this document contains general descriptions of technical options available do not always have to be present in individual cases The required features should therefore specified in each individual case at the time of closing the contract Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2012 for infrastructure world is undergoing changes that force us to think new ways demographic change urbanization global and resource shortages Maximum efficiency top priority and not only where energy is concerned addition we need to increase comfort for the well being users Also our need for safety and security is constantly For our customers success is defined by how they manage these challenges Siemens has the are the preferred partner for energy efficient and secure buildings and infrastructure Fire Safety intelligent for complete safety coverage from standard to sophisticated applications for infrastructure Quick reliable detection of fire and carbon monoxide Simple panel operation with access to all functions Systems custom built according your safety and budget Reliable detection confirmed the S LINE detectors Alarm Guarantee detectors to panels protection complete fire protection solution one source is a deep rooted fundamental That why solutions that reliably people assets and processes fire smoke and carbon monoxide such a crucial role Desigo Fire Safety everything needed for compre fire protection Fire detectors with excellent reliability false alarms and meet the of the fire safety and monoxide codes NFPA 72 and 720 Control panels fire terminals remote and displays provide full view and are easy to operate in the case of an event Complete range of peripherals ranging notification devices to manual stations precise and reliable detection fast notification quick Desigo sets the standard in three areas including Redundant sensors that increase the of the fire detectors Forward and backward light scattering that ensures enhanced to actual fires and practically false alarms All detectors with ASAtechnology with a Genuine Alarm Guarantee special carbon monoxide CO detector CO whether generated by or from fire Fast fault tolerant between FDnet devices the control panels increases system The control panels allow simple operation plain text displays and instructions This allows security to focus on the event every need from to is a homogeneous family of fire and control panels whose are all compatible From standard special situations it easy to realize the of this comprehensive system ASA detectors from the S LINE range are for sophisticated applications deceptive phenomena They offer than 20 detection profiles for environments including data power generation utility warehouses manufacturing garages and ducts This means can cover all applications with one The C LINE detector portfolio is a option for standard The different control panels increase in system planning and keep system scalable for the future Fire Safety based on trusted from Siemens Fire Safety is a comprehensive fire safety system for fast reliable detection as well as alarm signaling and control It is designed to protect and assets and to prevent production losses thereby safeguarding your buildings and survival Desigo not only defines the technological of the art but also offers a high level of flexibility and scalability as well compatibility with existing and future products owns one of the largest fire test in the world We conduct live behavior tests in eight test labs Our contains more than 5,000 tests factor all of this information into the of our Desigo fire detectors technology enhanced detection family for virtually any application fire detectors answer virtually application need from standard to and from clean to dirty detectors are an economical solution for standard applications detectors are the best choice for demanding applications with phenomena when extremely response time and the highest level prevention of false alarms is needed can be used together in a single In short Desigo allows you to diverse detection requirements one detector family and one system sensor technology multiple environmental conditions detectors reliably detect any sign fire as early as possible Their unique system utilizes state of the art and backward light scattering providing advanced optical of light and dark smoke particles thus improves the detection capabilities the detectors and makes them virtually to false alarms Desigo detectors with NFPA 76 Telecommunication and are classified as Very Early Fire Detectors VEWFD This that they are extremely sensitive provide very early detection smart choice for the environment detectors are RoHS compliant meet the standards regarding the Restric of the Use of Certain Hazardous in Electrical and Electronic S LINE detectors also provide detection capability equivalent ionization detectors due to their forward backward light scattering technology makes them a great solution sensors increase reliability detectors have two thermal and optical sensors This redundancy their immunity to deceptive and increases their detection and reliability Should one fail the detectors will still provide operation One detector portfolio to most application areas clean to dirty Reliable detection that false alarms due to forward and backward scattering technology Compliant with NFPA 76 Standard classified as a VEWFD RoHS compliant with capability equivalent ionization detectors due to and backward light technology Increased reliability and fail operation thanks to sensors setting new standards ASAtechnology reliability downtime and costs caused false alarms are central considerations any company ASAtechnology Signal Analysis offers detection reliability with the to deceptive phenomena we offer a Genuine Alarm with this detector applications require technology detectors feature our unique This makes them highly in preventing false alarms caused deceptive on site phenomena such as exhaust gases dust or steam provides excellent protection and reliable detection in critical ranging from very clean like data centers and tele centers to dirty indus applications like warehouse facilities life safety multi criteria fire CO detector combines ASAtechnology with monoxide CO detection for maxi life safety It responds very quickly reliably to fire or CO With two optical thermal and one additional electro CO sensor FDOOTC441 analyzes criteria smoke heat and CO The addi CO sensor ensures earliest detection CO generating fires and detects CO from fire FDOOTC441 with the requirements of the safety and carbon monoxide codes standards UL 2075 and NFPA 720 changing needs fire detectors offer more than 20 detection profiles that you adjust the detectors to the expected condition Should the con change you simply modify the by adjusting the detection profile provides for reliable and early fire even under changing envi

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