Siemens CAB2-XBD CAB3-XBD CAB2-XRD CAB3-XRD Medium and Large Transponder Doors, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions CAB2 XBD CAB3 XBD CAB2 XRD CAB3 XRD and Large Transponder Doors Models CAB2 XBD CAB2 XRD and CAB3 XBD CAB3 XRD Transponder Doors Siemens Industry Inc are outer doors for CAB2 BB RB and CAB3 BB RB Backboxes respectively Refer Figure 1 CAB2 XBD and CAB3 XBD doors black CAB2 XRD and CAB3 XRD doors are red Use the Transponder Doors with vents when visual indication of the system is not required They attach to backbox by hinge pins CAB2 XBD and CAB2 XRD doors secure to the backbox one keyed latch CAB3 XBD and CAB3 XRD doors secure to the backbox with keyed latches CAB2 XRD and CAB3 XBD CAB3 XRD Transponder Doors are for use only in dry environments 1 And CAB3 XBD XRD Transponder Doors 315 033768 5 Industry Inc Technologies Division the hinge pins on the door in the hinges on the backbox Refer to 2 the ground strap by fastening it to the door and the backbox Refer Figure 3 the door and secure with the key latch PIN DOOR ON 2 The Door On The Hinge ON DOOR 3 The Ground Strap CAB2 XBD CAB2 XRD can be used on CAB2 BB RB backboxes only CAB3 XBD CAB3 XRD can be used on CAB3 BB RB backboxes only 26 1 8 W x 1 D x 44 3 4 L 26 1 8 W x 1 D x 62 1 2 L Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ Building Technologies Ltd Safety Security Products Kenview Boulevard Ontario L6T 5E4 Canada

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