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Architect Engineer Specifications Architect Engineer Specifications System Overview continued Standard 2500 point capacity addressable Universal AC power input PRO system Addressable Alarm Control Panel control panel FACP Ability to network with other Cerberus PRO Cerberus PRO Modular systems Powerful easy to use programming Multiple levels of password protection Fully programmable through use of a operating system 6 inch 15.2 cm backlit liquid display LCD Multi language display User friendly system interface Useful diagnostic light emitting diodes on all cards Touch screen for maintenance operations function keys Menu driven operator commands End user HELP screens 32 character custom messages 40 programmable macro and buttons e g schedule Global annunciation and capability Alarm Trouble Programmable etc commands Alarm verification by device zone Pre alarm operation SureWire addressable loop technology Patented polarity insensitive circuits Supports FirePrint application specific and single person Walk Test Coded outputs Seismic certified Modular assembly Distributed processing UUKL Listed for smoke control 120VAC 240VAC 50 60Hz 12A of basic system power to 48A Supported by all Cerberus DMS Stations Automatic environmental compensation smoke detectors Peripheral interface to remote printers connected to the communication bus any NIC C output in an enclosure Class B Style 4 or A Style 7 wiring Security device monitoring UL1076 Listed Mounts in one 1 electrical back box Optional 4 inch 12 cm and 5 12.7 cm square back boxes Supports pre action deluge agent sprinkler supervision NEC 760 power limited circuits 200 notification appliance circuits capacity Up to 3A 24VDC per NAC Built in strobe protocol UL 864 10th Edition and UL 2572 Listed 3rd Edition Listed FM CSFM 3010 CSFM 7165 and NYC Fire Dept NYCFD Approved System Overview as part of the product line of Siemens Safety products Cerberus PRO Modular PRO Modular is a microprocessor reliable and advanced fire safety Each of these addressable panels a contemporary operating unit that as an operator interface and as a microprocessor PRO Modular is ideally suited for detection and notification applications and with of NFPA Standard 72 and is by Underwriters Laboratories under UL 864 standard and is FM Approved Laboratories Canada also Cerberus PRO Modular panels under panel is additionally UL Listed under category UUKL for Smoke Control it comes to Siemens Sinorix clean systems Cerberus PRO Modular are UL ULC Listed which includes use in foam or water applications Each is also listed as a Fireman Smoke Station in high rise office buildings malls other large structures PRO Modular has been seismic in accordance with International Building Code 2006 Ed California Building Code 2007 Ed ASCE Standard 7 2005 Ed OSHPD OSP 0057 10 OSHPD CAN 2 1708A 5 Rev 3 ICC ES AC 156 effective 1 1 2007 Infrastructure Building Products Sheet 8300 usa siemens com fire Cerberus PRO Modular panel mounted FCM2041 U3 Operating Unit System Components basic Cerberus PRO Modular fire control panel FACP consists of 1 of the following parts Operator power supply PSC 12 Class Device Loop Card XDLC Zone Card ZIC 4A five slot card CC 5 Inner Door Blank Single ID SP and a CAB1 CAB2 or system enclosures modules that can be installed on Cerberus PRO Modular FACP include Cage Model CC 2 Network Interface NIC C 8 Circuit Zone Card Models ZIC 8B ZIC 2C Control Module Model OCM 16 Control Module Model SCM 8 Control Module Model LCM 8 Fan Module Input Module Model SIM 16 Supply Extender Model PSX 12 Network Interface Model RNI Printer Module Model RPM Status Display Model SSD Digital Communicator Model FCA2015 MDACT Two and the Four Module Remote Model REMBOX4 Cerberus PRO Modular are compatible with all of the Siemens field devices appliances and detection DMS Station PRO DMS Management Stations with Cerberus PRO Modular PRO Modular panels are with Siemens Fire Safety Stations which provide and reliable FACP monitoring control of system events Alarm Trouble Security Supervisory commands DMS management stations designed for use with the network offering full control and An extensive history log all system events as well as report generation capabilities easily maintained There are also electronic buttons allow site specific control Infrastructure Building Products Interface used on PRO Modular FACPs Operator Interface Operator Interface is the primary interface and central microprocessor Cerberus PRO Modular panel to the most current of the Cerberus PRO Modular go to go to end queue buttons a command screen with Alarm Supervisory Trouble light emitting LEDs and three 3 types of under one 1 part Details for Ordering section this document for more info PRO Modular panels are and operated Interface which uses large control buttons to prompt the to the next available correct operation shown on the front screen Additionally the system Interface provides a 6 15.2 front end touch screen comprised of LEDs as well as a liquid display LCD of 1200 800 are language overlays that provide in alternate languages for visual found on the front of each on when affixed to the front display on the user interface Each overlay outer Operator Interface contains the site program configuration in the too Zeus C Zone Indicating Card Zone Indicating Card Model ZIC 4A use on each Modular FACP ZIC 4A supplies four 4 Class Style Y or Class A Style Z type circuits power to maximum per circuit circuit can be independently for use with agency audible or visual appliances emergency speakers municipal tie boxes lines or as optional releasing Model ZIC 4A plugs into one slot in the Model CC 5 or CC 2 cage and has on board LEDs for status and troubleshooting of power com

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