Siemens CPYEC-2-24 Electric Solenoid 24VDC with Supervision, Installation Instructions

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INSTRUCTIONS CPYEC 2 24 Solenoid 24VDC with Supervision CPYEC 2 24 is a 24 VDC supervised latching type releasing actuator with an optional manual valve CPY LMC2 as seen in Figure 1 When the actuator operates the cylinder valve opens releases the extinguishing medium is discharged The actuator is available with an optional Local Manual CPY LMC2 to manually open release the cylinder valve if needed In order to reset the latching the pin must be manually returned to the latched position 1 and CPY LMC2 mounting onto valve assy Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ ON SITE 2 CPYEC 2 24 coil is rated 24VDC and the supervision switch has a 30mA rated monitoring current actuator coil requires an 11W power supply The actuator is manufactured with a supervision micro rated 30mA max that monitors the proper installation of the actuator onto the cylinder valve In the that the actuator is not fully attached to the valve a supervisory signal is sent to the monitoring The supervision switch contact is normally closed when the switch is not installed on the cylinder When the actuator is installed on the cylinder the supervision switch contact is open There are and orange dual lead provided to the supervision switch contacts One pair of yellow and orange must be connected the panel supervisory circuit The other pair of yellow and orange wires must be to the EOL resistor in accordance with the instruction provided with the panel or monitor The actuator circuit black wire must have and REL EOL installed in series with wire coming from panel releasing circuit Prior to installation of the actuating solenoid confirm the pin is reset as shown in Figure 3 3 Pin Label the latching releasing actuator by threading it onto the cylinder valve as shown in Figure 1 Ensure all steps are followed from the Pre Installation section Check the Control Monitoring Panel to confirm there are no Supervisory Alarms or Trouble associated with the latching releasing actuator CAUTION not electrically activate the solenoid at any time or the system will discharge to installation confirm that the latching releasing actuator is reset by pushing and latching the actuating pin inward otherwise the system will discharge using the optional CPY LMC2 manual control be sure the safety pull pin is installed in the CPY LMC2 at all CAUTION jamais effectuer de d sur le soleno ou le syst se d toute installation vous assurer que le soleno avec surveillance est r en enfon la tige d ou le syst se d cas d de l CPY LMC2 vous assurer que la goupille de s est install en permance dans CPY LMC2 metal or Liquid tight conduit must be provided in the field to cover the actuator wiring up to the box Use one of the following conduit connectors for connecting the actuator to the conduit Number 269 840 240 890 290 metals LTD RATINGS Electrically or Manually Operated Devices Coil supply voltage 24VDC rated for continuous duty Coil firing current 0.5 AMP maximum Supervised contact Max monitoring current 30mA Local Manual Control designed with an actuation button with pull pin optional assy Actuation pin stroke 250 025 Spring load de latched 12.0 lbs minimum Electrical Fitting Hirschman DIN type plug connector with NPTF fitting Local Manual Control actuation force 12 40 lbs Temperature range 32 131 Agency approval UL Recognized Component Releasing Device investigated to ANSI UL 864 Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems security disclaimer products and solutions provide security functions to ensure the secure operation of building fire safety security management and physical security systems The security functions on these and solutions are important components of a comprehensive security concept is however necessary to implement and maintain a comprehensive state of the art security concept is customized to individual security needs Such a security concept may result in additional site preventive action to ensure that the building comfort fire safety security management or physical system for your site are operated in a secure manner These measures may include but are not to separating networks physically protecting system components user awareness programs in depth etc additional information on building technology security and our offerings contact your Siemens sales or department We strongly recommend customers to follow our security advisories which provide on the latest security threats patches and other mitigation measures http www siemens com cert en cert security advisories htm ID A6V10435309 en c P N A5Q00062572

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