Siemens Desigo CC Compact for Building Automation - Specification Texts (MA)

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Desigo CC Compact Building Automation Texts MA Technologies Texts Technologies Texts Notice information is subject to change without notice by Siemens Ltd Companies names and various data used in examples are unless otherwise noted No part of this document may be reproduced or in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical for any without the express written permission of Siemens Switzerland Ltd software described in this document is furnished under a license agreement may be used or copied only in accordance with license terms further information contact your nearest Siemens Switzerland Ltd Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2018 and Desigo CC Compact are registered trademarks of Siemens Ltd product or company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of respective owners 2018 10 01 ID A6V11547800 en a 30 Technologies Texts of contents description 6 Management level 6 Management level requirements 6 User profiles 8 Graphics 8 Scheduler programs 9 Building automation and control system operation 10 Alarm handling 11 Event management 13 Report generation 13 Remote operation 14 data 14 15 General 15 Standard BACnet AMEV 15 Scalability and System Lifecycle 16 Technologies Texts Revision History Identification document ID is structured as follows A6Vnnnnnnnn en a 02 Date Revision History Description Final edition for the version 3.0 System description Management level Management level requirements information comes together at the management level The management level is the graphical interface for the operator to the automation station and the integrated plants and plant operator can display query process save or print any plant information via the peripheral at the management level System operation must be based on a simplified approach The are displayed in synoptic images and the values and states are presented and displayed products Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar openness control system supports standard protocols used in building technology including BACnet DA Data Access Modbus and S7 product Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar of data to external system via web services exchange of data values events and trend data between other building systems applications or other supplemental services must be supported via web services product Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar exchange via various subsystems several subsystems are used various data must be exchanged between the automation level temperature demand and coordination signals etc products Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar self monitoring system must be capable of monitoring running applications printers and all connected The system must report an event in case of an exceptional state product Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar analysis analysis on system and user activities must be available in chronological order product Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar platform management station must be based on a SCADA platform that is compatible with the B AWS profile It must permit integration of any building installation including HVAC and product Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar system for building automation and control system data servers operator stations etc for the BAC system must be compatible with the most generally available Windows 64 bit operating system As a result the current version of at least 6 months after release by Microsoft as well as a minimum of the last Version supported Modifications to the customer network must be possible The BACS system must Technologies Texts be installable on any common PC and offer a multitasking environment where a user run multiple applications simultaneously product Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar functions software includes an online help context sensitive as well as indexed a glossary and can searched by terms or sentences product Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar up to dateness lifecycle system provider must offer a transparent product lifecycle to ensure the required All equipment offered for this project must be contained in the current product existing system environment must allow for easy and smooth integration of devices and product Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar continuity used must have a label for a global standard that ensures inaction with products from manufacturers Products with these labels can also be combined if manufactured at of more than 10 years product Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar requirements Hardware system up to five clients client server system is required for small and mid sized sites The hardware and software must fulfill the following definition Type Workstation Tower Processor Core i5 high end for example Intel Core i5 4690K Core i7 mid range for Intel Core i7 Memory 16GB Hard disk 1 TB for example Western Digital Red Network card Gigabit speed Graphics card Onboard graphics adapter for example Intel 4600HD or Mid range card for example GeForce GT 730 AMD Radeon Radeon R7 250 software environment Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 64 bit Windows 10 Professional 64 bit Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2016 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SQL Server 2014 SQL Server 2016 Express Standard or requirements Local network Single subnet 100 Mbps up down Latency less than 10 ms range 1 server Max number of objects 25,000 according to HW Category Technologies Texts User profiles privileges building automation and control system must allow engineers to define change or delete configurations as per their user privileges products Siemens Desigo CC Compact or similar Operator Interface Lite UI Lite UI is now available for BA EN only so please tailor this part according to your system building automation and control system must allow operators to efficiently maneuver the equipment The navigation within system applications and components is achieved by icons and via grouping of functionalities simplified operator interface is assigned to system users The interface can be applied to more one user The following functionalities must be by default available for the system Operator Managing of System Events alarm management Operate the installation via graphic application Navigate via thumbnails Time Scheduler Trend Viewer Log Viewer Report Application Doc

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