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Siemens pairs efficient flexible rooms new management platform CC for Desigo Total Room Automation CC for Desigo TRA delivers relevant data from your system through an easy to intelligent and user friendly Its unique segment concept lower costs of room usage or changes integration for actionable data CC enhances the performance Desigo Total Room Automation TRA energy efficient and flexible rooms building management platform supports user completely for ensuring that remain comfortable productive achieving optimal energy and performance In addition CC offers further integration of disciplines like fire safety and CC in combination with Desigo TRA all the advantages resulting from building management When room usage or the tenant changes unique segment concept will reduce costs Floors in the building are sub into room segments and these in are flexibly combined into rooms the room layout changes you can adjust the segment grouping within Desigo CC management platform Desigo CC and processes real time infor from Desigo TRA It displays data you want to see it enabling smarter efficient control strategies unique workflow driven design is enough to anticipate your next and adapt to your needs You can the part of the facility you want to and then Desigo CC will guide to the most important information control for better outcomes consistent and easy to use interface operation of Desigo Total Automation and allows you to one or several disciplines such building management fire safety and from a single platform can execute the central functions of Total Room Automation directly the platform where changes in the of the addressed actuators are dis in an easy to understand format For a single command is all that is to control the lighting and on a single floor or in the entire In high winds users can check all blinds have been raised CC helps you to ensure produc and operate more efficiently You preset schedules to create and run automatically You can also use trend capability to get more complete of how your building is Summary bar shows unacknowledged total events currently in the system category System manager displays all devices applications Primary pane shows additional information a selected point e g information the room operation status Contextual pane provides detailed data a selected device including state and immediate access to commands Related items can access more informa about a device event or application Secondary pane shows detailed about the room application architecture CC for Desigo Total Room Auto was developed to keep pace with technology in modern facilities TRA is an open system based on and with the addition of Desigo it is flexible enough to work with other protocols Its open architec brings unrivaled control of building and systems It supports a of open communication protocols IT standards including KNX and DALI data for better response CC helps users respond intelli and immediately to events and because scalable graphics enable the zoom the detailed view of a plant events and alarms can be further for improved focus and distractions from unrelated custom priority levels can be defined used to send notifications to recipients utilizing the power of the remote feature Desigo CC makes it to notify users about alerts Users select a variety of notifications such e mail pager or text message to notify to 50 recipients Reduces costs of room usage tenant changes through its segment concept Provides relevant easy to read about system operations is in real time and action for better outcomes Anticipates your next move adapts to your needs unique intelligent design Delivers control for multiple systems through a user friendly interface can be personalized users Offers remote notification of to 50 recipients via e mail or text message Supports open communication and IT standards Switzerland Ltd Technologies Division Headquarters 22 Zug 41 41 724 24 24 information in this document contains general descriptions of technical options which do not always have to be present in individual cases The required should therefore be specified in each individual case at the time of closing contract The document contains a general product overview Availability can by country For detailed product information please contact the company office authorized partners Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2015 Order no 0 92334 en 01508

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