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Fire safety control where when you need it CC for fire and life safety systems CC helps users respond and immediately to fire life safety events and alarms safety and productivity a new level of control over your fire and life safety systems CC Siemens new solution for management of fire and life safety centralizes control to deliver protection and efficiency With enhanced graphics and logical inter the building management station CC enables you to better manage monitor events throughout your Desigo CC supports FireFinder MXL and Desigo fire control panels well as IP cameras Through live video can easily verify alarms and events your facility DMS can also integrate building systems from Siemens provid a Total Building Solution with one The uniform harmonized and integration of a wide range of dis enables you to centrally manage and control different integrated installed in your facility With control you can be more produc while ensuring the safety security comfort of your facility and its visibility visibility means greater aware Desigo CC customizable interface supports multiple user profiles each user with the critical infor they need at their fingertips With easy to read workflow driven inter Desigo CC displays the severity and of each event It also shows you number of unacknowledged events your facility As a result you have a understanding of each event and can respond faster and smarter different categories you can also events and alarms Desigo CC workflow process will then know type of events take precedence It truly intelligent system that makes it to manage and monitor the safety your building event management CC helps you to ensure safety and more efficiently A built in treatment function for alarms the operator through a predefined in a simple and intuitive way leads to a fast and correct interven reduction of human errors and con application of procedures and for infrastructure and cities Summary bar shows unacknowledged and events currently in the system by with life safety events at the top System manager displays all devices and in the system and finds devices alarm mode Primary pane shows additional information a selected device e g graphical of fire detector in alarm mode Contextual pane provides detailed data about selected device including current state and access to available commands Related links provide more information on applications for a device including procedures Secondary pane shows additional information a selected device e g a real time view of an event CC helps users respond intelli and immediately to events and because integrated graphics support improved and vector graphics events and alarms can be further for improved focus and distractions from unrelated custom priority levels can be defined used to send notifications to recipients CC makes notifying external users by utilizing the power of the remote feature Users can select a of notifications such as e mail or text message to one or up to 50 Wherever you are you can be your building is safe station CC is a powerful management option for centralized command fire alarm networks And because it you know it complies with the standards for safety Desigo CC listed as a primary display and control for fire alarm systems under 864 and ULC S527 for control units CC supports the following fire systems from Siemens Fire Safety and FireFinder XLS MXL right network the leading fire and life equipment from Siemens of your Whether you choose Desigo Fire FireFinder XLS or MXL there a network tailored for your Desigo CC works with a range communication networks including for Desigo Fire Safety and XNET FireFinder XLS and MXL systems made easy Desigo CC as your management sta for fire safety you have increased that helps you respond faster events and alarms Managing your and protecting the assets and in it has never been easier Delivers superior protection efficiency through a interface for multiple systems Provides greater visibility events and alarms Enables fast and efficient to life safety events Offers remote notification pager SMS or e mail Complies with the highest for safety including 864 UL 1076 ULC S527 and PAZX Uses built in assisted treat function for alarms to operator through procedures Reduces human errors and consistent application procedures and policies Switzerland Ltd Cities Sector Technologies Division Headquarters 22 Zug 41 41 724 24 24 information in this document contains general descriptions of technical options which do not always have to be present in individual cases The required should therefore be specified in each individual case at the time of closing contract The document contains a general product overview Availability can by country For detailed product information please contact the company office authorized partners Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2014 Order no 0 92335 en 0,51405

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