Siemens Desigo CC Pre-Bid Review

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Technologies Products CC Pre Bid Review October 1st 2012 we would like to review all Desigo CC offers to make sure that the product is being applied Before you make any formal proposals for Desigo CC please fill out the Checklist Table below and send to one of the Desigo CC Product Managers listed below for review reviewed offers should be sent to customers This additional effort will help all of us ensure that we meet our expectations as we implement Desigo CC in the field CC Checklist name organization of the approval requester the total number of physical and virtual data points connected to Desigo CC 10 the building automation subsystems connected to Desigo CC sized within green rectangle below the BA systems connected to Desigo CC are in the area has the been reviewed by Product Management in BG or FP Apogee P2 support required Migration utility from Apogee Insight or NCC to Desigo CC required dial up communication required Apogee AEM support required No Pharma validation required HW SW The PC Server and PC Client meet the HW and SW requirements mentioned second level Reno escalation or Schedule dependent Reno required in this document connect a UL Fire Safety subsystem to Desigo CC a UL approved PC as in the Pricelist above in this document is offered Y N or No or No or No or No or No or No or No or No or No or No or No InfoLink and Beacon you find the form above Please replace the yellow text with your input and send it to one the following Desigo CC Product Managers Fire Safety projects Building automation projects Industry Inc Internal Use Only 1 of 2 Big Area to check if BA subsystem size is within the limits of Desigo CC MP1 Industry Inc Internal Use Only 2 of 2

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