Siemens Desigo Fire Safety, new dimension in fire protection

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Desigo Fire Safety safe comprehensive portfolio of innovative and technology Fire Safety complete family protects a wide variety of environments from simple to complex fires are detected as soon as they start the chances much greater that people assets and buildings will safe Desigo Fire Safety is a comprehensive fire safety that offers fast and reliable detection of fire and carbon monoxide together with optional communication alarm signaling and complete control with state of the art technology and backed by extensive fire safety knowledge and expertise Fire Safety offers a high level of flexibility and for facilities of all sizes Our components can and easily adapt to new conditions and are with existing and future products For example the function of a room changes our S LINE detectors ASAtechnology and up to 26 detection profiles be easily modified by changing the application specific profile Networkable control panels also allow layout changes at a later point in time without any additional planning effort required Whether migrating or modifying a room the Desigo Safety system can be reconfigured with minimal if disruption to a building operations fire control panels to meet your requirements Desigo Fire Safety control panel portfolio enables fast fire detection the option of intelligent emergency capability and complete operator control them the perfect solution fit for a variety of facility Fire control panels with or without voice fire remote terminals and displays are all and easy to operate Desigo fire control panel with optional Intelligent Voice system offers a simple and cost effective for facilities that would normally use only horn for audible signaling It also provides full everyday and emergency voice capabilities for requiring a compact solution without the of a larger system The Intelligent Voice System enables emergency communication that can address urgent events and everyday including customized messaging to locations Desigo networkable fire control panels up to 16 can be connected through peer to peer networking ensures a building stays flexible to meet the needs today and tomorrow Compact networkable control panels with voice are easy and intuitive to operate information is displayed in a clear and way See all fire and non fire emergency events on a display local panel Control a network of systems as though it were all Enjoy the flexibility and peace of mind of everyday and emergency messages you select a panel with voice A networkable fire terminal for operation remote from control panel A stand alone control panel covers smaller applications Marine and harsh environment approved enclosure and provides outstanding protection under conditions detectors with a No False Alarm Guarantee broad range of standard and advanced multi criteria provides coverage for clean to dirty Advanced S LINE detectors feature our award winning Advanced Signal Analysis ASAtechnology to detect fires as early as even in demanding environments prevents false alarms caused by phenomena like steam dust or machine exhaust The technology is so highly reliable that S LINE include a No False Alarm Guarantee This means in the unlikely event a properly set and maintained detector should trigger a false alarm Siemens will for the fire call devices provide a complete solution duct housings innovative audible sounder bases 520 Hz low frequency capabilities that meet for sleeping spaces notification appliance NACs and speakers create comprehensive safety CC Management Station Desigo CC Control Center management station monitoring and control of Desigo Fire Safety from a central point Its powerful capabilities make easier to keep a facility safe with features such as the to support up to 64 real time IP cameras for a live of events It can also integrate the Siemens APOGEE Automation System to provide a Total Building for comfort and fire safety Building Solutions creates safer environments with fire alarm safety and security solutions that are tailored to a specific application requirements and budget complete product platform streamlines multiple from building automation to security safety and mass notification fully integrated solutions and services help customers their goals and expected outcomes EngineeringAdvantage Program provides tools and support for Fire Protection Engineers Healthcare Accreditation Program organizes manages tracks reporting requirements for The Joint healthcare accreditation programs National Account Program ensures quality and across multiple facilities legacy of protection is known for innovation technology leadership superior quality Our products are backed by 160 years experience in fire safety and the knowledge we through worldwide installations No one fire better than Siemens sizes Stand alone and networkable control panels for applications of Flexible and scalable fire protection system can be adapted to conditions and expanded as requirements change Intelligent Voice Communication System enables mass As all components are one family seamless integration between capabilities including customized messaging that urgent events and everyday announcements is guaranteed Cost effective and efficient system maintenance with remote Advanced S LINE detectors with patented ASAtechnology and evaluation capabilities Marine approved enclosure and accessories available for automation to security fire safety and mass notification A complete product platform streamlines multiple disciplines from A complete range of peripheral devices from notification life safety system throughout a building lifecycle 24 7 Local support services ensure an optimally performing fire a No False Alarm Guarantee and harsh environments to manual pull stations panels meet a building needs today and tomorrow Desigo Fire Safety panel portfolio comprises control panels with optional voice for more applications a stand alone control panel for applications and a networkable fire terminal for remote from the control panel The different panels increase flexibility in system planning and a system remains scalable for the future panels and fire terminals are easy and intuitive to for simple safe and stress free operation in case an event They display the required information in a clear comprehensible way Customized messages are easy to and follow in the event of an alarm features let you quickly put a system into operation one access point For example you can manually adjust detection profile of each connected detector at the panel The intelligent auto configuration function finding the connected devices automatically a result Desigo Fire Safety offers instant fire detection without delays created by manual configuration addition the networkable control panels have an degrade mode that is automatically activated ensures that notification appliances or other outputs are in the event of failure and that alarm conditions connected C NET devices are forwarded to reach security occupants or the fire department on time control panels with optional communication control panels with or without voice can easily accommodate all types of Control panels with voice equip facilities would normally use only horn appliances with mass capabilities giving them the ability address events and everyday communication including messaging to precise locations circuit wiring and single control panels with models connect up to 252

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