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Desigo the state of the art automation system catalogue 2019 building efficiency new and existing buildings prices for real estate and energy continuing to rise efficiency of buildings like office structures hospitals centers etc is becoming a key factor in determining success for new and existing buildings alike Desigo is most flexible intelligent building automation system for the and efficient operation of your buildings with less consumption and lower costs is the foundation success common database for all decisions uniform the best possible information to stakeholders and the ability to manage all sub from one place The integrated manage system guarantees maximum security and better performance and a permanent in costs All this is also reflected in image of the owner and investor The result attractive real estate at an attractive offer your investment mind considers the entire lifecycle of your Comprehensive reporting and functions provide you with a basis well founded forward looking and decisions with Desigo you don you act proactively The highest security via modular system compatibility with relevant industry and flexible options for adapta or expansion building is as modern as building management least if you consider its from the perspective of the user Desigo every building state of the art goes digital energy and resource management you respond to changing market save on costs and reduce risk combination of the latest building with sophisticated analyses and services opens up a new dimension building performance consistently the opportunities digitali offers can fulfill every requirement a sustainable energy efficient safe and building Four areas of activity one another here the energy network the infrastructure system data the enterprise resource ERP and the link to a data ecosystem resulting from this data value through integration energy management links together about energy supply costs and con as well as the energy footprint properties in an intelligent network this basis energy efficient programs then initiated The same data is then to use for green building certifi or energy audits and the verification compliance with energy efficiency guidelines Real added value then for owners and users Louis Vuitton Paris contribution to this breaking technical consisted of a perfectly adapted efficient solution safeguards both people property Thus the is able to maintain comfortable climate for and ensure the safety the foundation most artworks while the site environ impact CC open building management platform comfortable safe and efficient Desigo CC covers all areas from systems with a single subsection up to fully integrated buildings With configuration and operation state technology and comprehensive Desigo CC sets new industry Control Point Control Point simplifies the opera and monitoring of heating ventilation conditioning lighting and shading in or medium size buildings Access building management via touch panels a PC or a mobile device no matter you are You have the functionality a complete building management station where and when you need it source Iwan Baan Fondation Louis Vuitton Automation Controls buildings we spend our lives in have an impact on our well being This is a state of the art building automation is so important It integrates systems installations like heating ventilation conditioning energy supply and distri safety and security just to name few examples into one holistic system benefit seamless interaction of archi system technology and room com or in other words optimum building Room Automation Desigo Room Automation energy and the productivity of all those in a space are harmonized Users thus select individual levels of comfort at the same time are kept informed the resulting energy needs and can instance consciously decide for energy optimized room conditions using Green Leaf indicator individually for room Productivity can thus be influ by individually selected comfort In this way for instance pupils at school can be improved optimized ventilation control a flexible building automation system covers all your building needs can cover all automation levels room and building management needs flexibility has become a key argu for investors and tenants The Desigo automation system can easily adapt changing requirements offering optimized and comfort and improving perfor in a perfect place intelligent building automation system the ideal framework for meeting the of efficiency class A under Euro Standard EN 15232 and other similar standards This allows offices to save up 30 percent thermal and up to 10 percent energy compared to efficiency class C efficiency classes EN 15232 energy energy energy performance and TBM and TBM Automation and Control System Building Management System Building management connect monitor and control your facility CC the integrated building management platform allows to control and operate one or multiple disciplines like HVAC ventilation and air conditioning lighting shading safety and security from one central location Its modular software makes operation easy and intuitive Control Point the embedded building management station easy operation and monitoring creating perfect building from anywhere Room automation comfort and productivity Room Automation integrates all the room disciplines HVAC to lighting and shading This allows you to lower your consumption and costs while increasing room comfort energy consumption to the energy saving functions and user interaction Green Leaf concept decreases energy consumption with comfort is automatically adjusted to keep lighting levels constant shading are optimally adjusted to allow the use of natural light glare and protect against heat and cold Plant automation scalable Desigo automation stations and operator units efficiently and monitor your building plants using a variety of energy functions Data is exchanged with room automation to make energy is supplied only when needed to heat cool or ventilate room This allows you to optimize the air volume flow based demand while enforcing energy efficient operation of your and air conditioning plants the same time comfort control ensures that temperature quality and humidity limits are not exceeded If inefficient occurs you will be notified automatically via the Green symbol on the management platform or room operator unit is ready for building modeling BIM future of the construction industry is digital and BIM is the method to support efficient planning construction and in a holistic approach connecting all parties involved Customers benefit from earlier conflict and error detection budget reliability faster project delivery higher quality and a sound basis for lifecycle cost optimization is ready for BIM With a wide range of products with BIM in standard BIM formats Siemens makes it easy to experience future of construction BIM data from Siemens which is regu updated can be used directly in REVIT or con verted to IFC you can be sure your BIM data is up to date functions functions system topology functions firealarmresources com V6.1 Topology Control Point Local plant operation

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