Siemens EBA2001-U1 R1 (kits) and EBA2004-A1(Main Board)- Desigo Intelligent Voice Communication, Data Sheet

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Intelligent Voice Booster Amplifier and Components EBA2001 U1 I EBA2001 R1 Kits Main Board Architect and Engineer Specifications Booster Amplifier provides additional 100 of amplification for Desigo Intelligent Communication IVC systems and Product Overview as a voice amplification extender on Siemens Fire Safety voice panels the Amplifier in conjunction with its related components provides additional to speaker circuits used on Desigo Intelligent Voice Communication IVC as well as FireFinder XLSV both in bulk and distributed configurations XLSV panels Main board Model EBA2004 A1 consists of 2 50 Watt amplifiers configurable to 25V or 70V output power 4 B or two 2 A configured as 100W total booster amplifier can be ordered in two 2 types kits Model EBA2001 U1 R1 each consisting of 4 main parts One 1 black or red booster amp enclosure PAB ENCL PAB ENCL R One 1 main board Model EBA2004 A1 or two 2 B or One 1 Booster Amplifier Adapter Plate BAAP One 1 170W power supply Model FP2011 U1 1 A configurable as 1 main and one 1 50W backup Enclosure used for housing the main board Supports high level and low level audio 1 Audio Transformer Kit Model audio is required for the and amplification of low EBA2004 A1 170W power supply FP2011 U1 and battery set is in red or black CSFM NYCFD and OSHPD Approved Listed Ground fault detection Integrated battery charger Supports up to 33Ah batteries General AC ground fault trouble relays Diagnostic light emitting diodes LEDs UL864 9th Edition ULC S527 Listed Infrastructure Building Products used with Siemens High Fidelity speaker appliances Model EBA2004 A1 meets requirement for low frequency 520 Hz signal per UL464 ULC S525 as described in the Determination of Low Frequency Signal Standard Audible Signal Appliance for Sleeping Areas as Required By NFPA 72 Chapter 18.4.5 2013 Edition booster amplifier and its components are UL864 UL1711 UL2572 and ULC S527 Additionally Model EBA2001 U1 R1 is FM CSFM 7300 0067 0274 NYCFD and OSHPD OSP 0420 10 Approved Booster Amplifier EBA2004 A1 is the main board for the amplifier for Desigo Voice IVC systems Functioning as the main board is used to provide 100W amplification to speaker circuits either a 252 point Model FV2025 or 504 Model FV2050 voice panels as well as FireFinder XLSV panels EBA2004 A1 Main Board EBA2004 A1 is comprised of one 1 integrated battery charger and two 2 50 amplifiers on a single PC board configurable to either 25V or 70V of output The amplifiers are set as either 100W of total amplification or as a 50W main back up configuration Data Sheet 6823 usa siemens com fire Contains In Out speaker connections Amplifier Main Board Product Components Product Components cont Amplifier Main Board cont main board supports two 2 Class A or four 4 Class B speaker circuits when configured as 100W Each 50W amplifier supports one 1 Class A or two 2 Class B speaker circuits when configured as main 50W back up Model EBA2004 A1 also provides In Out speaker connections and auxiliary contact AC AC failure and general faults relays as well as diagnostic LEDs are other features of Model EBA2004 A1 booster amplifier main board is configured by the use of DIP switches Amplifier Power Supply FP2011 U1 used for supplying main power to a Desigo Fire Safety 252 504 point system also supplies main power to a booster amplifier main board Model of up to 170 Watts Model FP2011 U1 provides primary filtered and regulated power FP2011 U1 is rated 6.5 Amps at 24VDC nominal 170 Watt power supply incorporates a 4.0A non resettable slow blow fuse on the primary and includes a built in AC line filter for surge and noise suppression Model FP2011 U1 from the inside at the top of a Model PAB ENCL R enclosure and there are no parts to be maintained Amplifier Enclosure in either red or black the Booster Amp Enclosure Model PAB ENCL R houses one 1 main board Model EBA2004 A1 one 1 170W power supply Model FP2011 U1 one 1 battery set of up to 18Ah inside the enclosure The BAAP booster amplifier adapter is required to mount the booster in the PAB enclosure Since the booster amplifier main board Model EBA2004 A1 requires up to 33Ah of power an additional back up battery must be used and mounted in a Model R enclosure Optional Accessories Amplifier Battery Fixing Bracket Model Model PAB ENCL system installations in areas where Seismic certification is required the booster amplifier battery fixing bracket is used to secure up to 12V 18 Ah batteries in a Model PAB ENCL series booster amplifier enclosure Transformer Kit Audio Transformer Kit Model FHA2054 U1 is an optional component the 100W Booster Amplifier used with FireFinder XLSV and Desigo IVC kit which serves as the low level audio input source to drive the Amplifier provides reliable ground isolation for low level audio order of Model FHA2054 U1 is shipped with a shield isolation terminal a terminal block for the wiring to the input as well as an transformer module with a connector for the low level audio and the terminating resistor for supervision Temperature and Humidity Range booster amplifier and its components are UL 864 9th Edition Listed for indoor dry locations within a temperature of 120 3 49 2 to 32 3 0 2 and a relative humidity of 93 2 at a temperature of 90 32 2 Model FHA2054 U1 Infrastructure Building Products Data for Ordering nominal current max voltage max current max range level max EBA2004 A1 FHA2054 U1 Line 450 Hz 3 kHz 375 Hz 7 kHz 1.0 0.75 VRMS or OFF 1 kHz 1 kHz Booster Amplifier Kit Black of the following 1 main board EBA2004 A1 1 black enclosure PAB ENCL one 1 170W power supply FP2011 U1 Booster Amplifier Kit Red of the following 1 main board EBA2004 A1 1 red enclosure PAB ENCL R 1 170W power supply FP2011 U1 Input 115 230 VAC 50 60 Hz Booster Amplifier Supply FP2011 Output 26VDC Draw Amps for Booster

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