Siemens ED-32, ED-33(R) and ED-35(R) System 3 Control Panel Doors, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions ED 32 ED 33 R and ED 35 R 3 Control Panel Doors indoor use only in dry environments ED 32 ED 33 R and ED 35 R Doors from Industry Inc mount on EB 32 EB 33 and back boxes respectively Door models ending R are red those without an R are black door is mounted with a sag resistant steel piano and is fitted with a key locking arrangement hand or right hand mounting can be made on all as desired door contains full width horizontal viewing slots permit visual identification of each row of modules control panel for the various functions served by system The inside of the door is fitted with to accommodate blank face plates to cover positions in the back box not occupied by the panel or modules are shipped unassembled back box and cover to facilitate installation All that is required to bolt the complete system assembly in position in back box and mount the hinged door cover WASHER HEX NUT PIN HEX NUTS STUDS SCREW WASHER 1 System 3 Door and Guide Pin the hardware provided attach two of the and lock washers to the side of the back box from the side where you want the door to Hang the door on the screws then tighten the securely Install screws and lock washers in remaining holes on the side of the enclosure the door is being mounted and tighten them the guide pin on the inside top of the door as in Figure 1 the grounding strap by placing the lug on one of the strap over the 6x32 stud on the door and lug on the other end of the strap on the 6x32 on the inside of the enclosure Secure the lugs in with the two 6 hex nuts provided Refer to 1 Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ 315 021181 4 Building Technologies Ltd Safety Security Products Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada

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