Siemens EN-PAD EN-PADR Enclosures, Installation and Power Limited Wiring Instructions

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Installation and Power Limited Wiring Instructions EN PAD and EN PADR for PAD 3 Power Supply indoor use only in dry environments EN PAD and EN PADR enclosures from Industry Inc are used to house the PAD 3 supply The EN PAD is black and the EN PADR red They are identical in all other ways and will be to in the remainder of this document as EN See Figure 1 backbox is mounted on a flat surface with four bolts that are a maximum of 3 16 inch in backbox contains enough space to mount a set of batteries in the bottom desired remove the door before mounting the by first removing the ground strap and then the door up and off its hinges Refer to Figure 2 2 to installation consider the following Mounting height for access to the enclosure Weight and size of the enclosure codes 1 Enclosure Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ 315 099156 4 Building Technologies Ltd Safety Security Products Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada PIN EN PAD 2 the Door from the EN PAD 3 Mounting Holes BOLTS PLACES SUPPLIED the backbox Select a clean dry shock and vibration free Position the backbox clear of obstructions so that front door opens freely and the controls and are easily accessible Mark the locations of the two upper mounting bolts the backbox on the wall Refer to Figure 3 Drill the two holes located in the previous step and in the top bolts leaving a small gap the wall and each top bolt Place the backbox over the two top bolts and it to slide down over the bolts Refer to 4 Mark drill and install the two bottom bolts in the Tighten all four bolts securely against the back of the backbox 4 the EN PAD Limited Wiring compliance with UL 864 effective May 1 1995 all limited fire protective signaling conductors must separated a minimum of inch from all of the wiring located within a control panel entering the enclosure from the right side of backbox is considered power limited Wiring must in the shortest route and must not overlap any wiring Refer to Figure 5 light Non Power Limited Voltage AC power or B Non Power Limited Voltage AC power or A Non Power Limited wiring if separate enclosure required Power Limited or E Power Limited or D 5 Routing in the EN PAD Class 1 or non power limited fire protective conductors meet these requirements the following guidelines be observed when installing modules and to this control panel installing power limited field wiring the installer comply with NEC article 760 which states fire alarm power limited circuits are installed using FPL FPLR FPLP or permitted substitute cable these power limited cable conductors extend beyond the jacket are separated by a minimum of in 6.35 mm or by a nonconductive sleeve or barrier from all other conductors If power limited wiring is not used within the enclosure then the following guide do not apply In that case be sure to standard wiring practices avoid induced noise transfer of electrical energy one wire to another keep input wiring isolated high current output and power limited wiring wiring installation may cause improper Avoid pulling one multi conductor cable for entire system Instead separate high current input from low current within the cabinet should be routed around the of the cabinet It should not cross the circuit board where it could induce noise into sensitive microelectroincs or pick up unwanted RF from the switching power supply circuit Entering Enclosure Limited Wiring entering the enclosure from the top and left of the backbox is considered non power limited Wiring must be in the shortest route and must overlap any other wiring Refer to Figure 5 Wiring System is designed to operate from an external VAC 50 60 Hz power source The external must have a separate or dedicated circuit Wire in accordance with local codes and 760 Remove the knockouts in the backbox for the of field wiring Refer to Figure 6 for the of knockouts the backbox is installed and the wiring com finish the installation by replacing the door and ground strap if removed the outer door by placing it on its hinges the ground strap on both the door and See Figure 7 STRAP 6 Knockouts the Ground Strap on the EN PAD 7 Pull all field wiring into the backbox Do not dress wiring until the location of all the equipment is the wiring from the external power source to approximate location of the power supply backbox x 3.00 D x 17 H Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ 315 099156 4 Building Technologies Ltd Safety Security Products Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada

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