Siemens Fault Detection and Diagnostics Configuration for DXR

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Automation Station Detection and Configuration for Infrastructure of Contents You Begin 5 Detection and Diagnostics Configuration for DXR 6 and Purpose 6 Template Feature Selections 7 1 On board outputs 7 2 On board inputs 7 3 Room Temperature 7 4 HVAC Configuration 8 5 Room Segment Auxiliary functions 8 6 Room HVAC coordination 10 7 Default values 11 coil 11 control 11 air VAV 13 air VAV 13 8 Fault detection and diagnostics parameters 14 VAV air flow fault diagnostics 15 VAV air flow fault determination 17 heat temp fault and diagnostics 18 heat temp fault determination 21 flow fault and diagnostics 22 VAV fault determination 24 Duct flow fault and diagnostics 25 Duct VAV fault determination 27 9 Fault suppression 29 of AHU Mode 29 air temperature 30 the Tester 31 1 Sensor Drift Failure Supply air differential pressure 31 2 Supply air damper fault damper stuck open 31 3 Supply air damper fault damper stuck closed 31 4 Heating valve actuator 32 5 Feedback loop tuning fault unstable airflow 32 6 Disconnect inlet duct 32 7 Discharge air temperature sensor 32 33 detection diagnostic FDD alarms 33 Title 24 zone level requirements 34 Maximum VAV Control 36 Demand Shed 37 Control Ventilation 38 disclaimer provides a portfolio of products solutions systems and services that includes functions that support the secure operation of plants systems machines and In the field of Building Technologies this includes building automation and fire safety security management as well as physical security systems order to protect plants systems machines and networks against cyber threats it is to implement and continuously maintain a holistic state of the art concept Siemens portfolio only forms one element of such a concept are responsible for preventing unauthorized access to your plants systems and networks which should only be connected to an enterprise network or internet if and to the extent such a connection is necessary and only when security measures e g firewalls and or network segmentation are in Additionally Siemens guidance on appropriate security measures should be into account For additional information please contact your Siemens sales or visit https www siemens com global en home company topic portfolio undergoes continuous development to make it more secure strongly recommends that updates are applied as soon as they are available that the latest versions are used Use of versions that are no longer supported failure to apply the latest updates may increase your exposure to cyber threats strongly recommends to comply with security advisories on the latest security patches and other related measures published among others under You Begin You Begin and Training Prerequisites reader user of this document must be trained knowledgeable and familiar with ABT Site to configure DXR automation stations appendix for California Title 24 detailed information and Purpose Detection and Diagnostics for DXR and Purpose document provides the automation engineer and specialist technician instructions the following to configure a DXR automation station variable air volume or fan powered box to meet fault detection diagnostic requirements for the energy standards in California Title 24 Part 6 CA T24 2019 contractors outside California may want to enable Fault Detection and in the DXR to help discover problems that may hinder building Central application function Detection and Diagnostics for DXR is designed to work with SplyAir11 Central function chain air 11 for central air handling unit AHU detection and diagnostics feature added to VAV and FPB following the configuration steps in this document Fault Detection and Diagnostics supporting Title 24 can be added to the HvacLgtShd12 VAV and FPB application types Fault Detection and Diagnostics feature is supported in the following units SI US CA the appropriate files to support the engineering units required for your Template Feature Selections Template Feature Selections following feature selections will enable fault detection and diagnostics FDD in HvacLgtShd12 VAV and HvacLgtShd13 FPB application templates enabled FDD functions run continuously in the DXR The VAV or FPB template to be customized is loaded and accessible in ABT See screen captures below Template Selections FDD required feature selections are provided in this document Any other are the responsibility of the user as part of normal configuration of a DXR 1 On board outputs the appropriate on board outputs to support your terminal box type single duct dual duct VAV or fan po

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