Siemens FC2025, FC2050 Desigo Addressable (FIRE-Only) Control Panel, Data Sheet

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Desigo Fire Safety and 504 Point Addressable Alarm Control Panel FC2025 I FC2050 Architect Engineer Specifications Addressable fire alarm control panel FACP for mid size building applications Comprised of the following system components units boards supplies enclosures Test System features Supports 252 to 504 addressable devices One 1 to four 4 B one 1 to two 2 A for Model FC2025 One 1 to eight 8 B one 1 to four 4 A for Model FC2050 10,000 event history logging capability Includes one 1 A or two 2 B appliance circuits NACs Resettable and non resettable 24VDC nominal power Connectivity to a leased line city tie module Releasing module supports activation of releasing in pre action deluge systems agent Off normal warning message prior to reset Fast and easy set up with auto configuration Networkable up to 32 panels Desigo Fire Safety Danger Management Station monitor and control up to 32 Models FC2025 FC2050 FACPs Digital alarm communication transmitter DACT UL 864 10th Edition Listed ULC S527 Listed FM CSFM NYC Fire Department Approved Product Overview Desigo Fire Safety 252 point Model FC2025 504 point Model addressable FACP is designed to meet the fire protection needs of buildings This advanced FACP offers features typically required in buildings in a package that is easy to install and competitively Models FC2025 and FC2050 networkable allowing the systems to the growing fire protection needs of building The programming software the 252 504 point fire systems is held following Desigo Fire Safety system are used in the 252 point FACP units boards supplies enclosures Model FC2025 options are available to meet specific needs Models FC2025 and are FM 3010 CSFM 7165 0067 0259 and FDNY 6104 Specifications Interface Unit Operating Interface Unit Model FCM2018 U2 or Model FCM2019 U2 as the operating interface and central microprocessor for Models and FC2050 The panel supports the event history up to 10,000 operating interface unit provides multi use capability for each end to efficiently events to quickly control the NACs of the and to permit a manual reset of the respective system Detailed data the nature and location of the events can also be displayed via a 2 4 3 4 5.1 cm 12.1 cm LCD screen and the four way push button at the top of the FACP For applications in Canada that require a Desigo operating unit with Model FCM2035 U2 must be ordered Boards periphery boards Models FCI2016 U1 and FCI2017 U1 serve as the operating components for the 252 504 point FACP Each module and monitors input device identity as well as controls the circuits that communicate with smoke detectors and other devices i e FDnet Infrastructure Building Products Sheet 6815 usa siemens com fire Specifications cont Supplies functions are supported by the power supplies Model or Model FP2012 U1 which the need for external power supplies the 170 Watt power supply Model FP2011 U1 300 Watt power supply Model FP2012 U1 provide 24VDC nominal power for normal operation to FC2025 and FC2050 Both power supplies are and regulated Model FP2011 U1 is rated at 6.5 and the rating for Model FP2012 U1 is 11.5A 170 Watt power supply incorporates a 4.0A non slow blow fuse on the primary input and a built in AC line filter for surge and noise Model FP2011 U1 mounts the FACP and there are no serviceable Desigo Fire Safety to be maintained 300 Watt power supply incorporates two 2 6.3A non resettable slow blow fuses on the primary and includes a built in AC line filter for surge and suppression Model FP2012 U1 mounts in the FACP and there are no serviceable Desigo Fire Safety to be maintained Enclosures Desigo fire alarm enclosures and their accessories a complete set of hardware for mounting all Desigo Safety main system and remote terminal cards and hardware allows this Desigo Fire Safety system to be for a variety of applications as well as for future upgrades Included in the enclosure series are back and door sets removable mounting plates and clear as well as blank plates for use with the enclosure enclosures come with ground straps for the inner and doors shield termination lugs grounding lugs and wrap lances for securing wire All Desigo two height unit enclosures can also mount system back up batteries 33AH in capacity FC2025 and FC2050 utilize a two height unit The following components comprise a complete enclosure One 1 back box Model FHB2002 U1 R1 One 1 or two 2 inner doors Models FHD2004 U1 or One 1 outer door Model FHD2002 U2 R2 or R2 One 1 or two 2 clear windows Model FHD2006 U1 One 1 window is installed for Model FHD2002 U2 R2 door and two 2 windows are required for Model R2 approximate size for each two height unit enclosure is 70 cm high 21.5 54.6 cm wide and 5.75 cm deep The weight without any attached is approximately 6.3 Lbs 2858 g the two height unit enclosure supports the optional components Enclosure trim kit for flush mounting Battery bracket to comply with seismic certification DIN rail kit provides connection between internal wiring and field wiring Infrastructure Building Products Optional Accessories Alarm Communication Transmitter DACT DACT is used to provide communication between FC2025 and FC2050 and with either a central or monitoring station The Model FCA2015 U1 mounts directly on the back enclosure and to the periphery boards The DACT enables transmission of alarms and events via a public line Module releasing module Model XCI2001 U1 supports of releasing valves in pre action deluge systems double interlock pre action systems or Sinorix Fire Suppression systems Activation can be or performed by addressable manual pull The releasing module is installed on the periphery and supports Class B releasing circuits installed on Models FC2025 FC2050 the releasing contains an integral manual disconnect switch for circuits This essential feature protects the circuits accidental discharge during City Tie Module FCI2020 U1 which is installed on the periphery of the FACP provides a local energy output for call box connection and gives a reverse polarity for leased line connection used for connection to a municipal call box the city function supports Alarm event transmission When used leased line connection the module supports two 2 telephone lines for transmitting Alarm Trouble and events Disconnect Module Battery Disconnect Module Model FCA2032 U1 is designed to disconnect the backup battery on Desigo Fire Safety 252 504 point addressable FACP its voltage drops below 19VDC Model FCA2032 U1 capability prevents the battery from operating its normal power level for basic system operation battery disconnect mod

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