Siemens FC360UL Cybersecurity guidelines

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FC360 UL Guidelines Guide Infrastructure notice notice specifications and availability subject to change without notice reproduction dissemination and or editing of this document as as utilization of its contents and communication thereof to others without authorization are prohibited Offenders will be held liable for payment damages All rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model design patent are reserved by Industry Inc Infrastructure Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 1 973 593 2600 2020 09 15 ID A6V12092414 en a Siemens Industry Inc 2020 42 of contents this document 7 Applicable documents 9 Download center 10 Revision history 10 11 Safety notices 11 Safety regulations for the method of operation 12 Standards and directives complied with 14 Release Notes 14 Cyber security disclaimer 15 Security Notices 16 End of the Life Cycle EOL 16 terms and abbreviations 17 basics of cybersecurity 23 23 Threat and risk terminology 23 System security 24 Dedicated network 25 Network security 25 throughout the life cycle of the system 26 and commissioning 26 Operation and maintenance 26 Disposal phase out EOL 26 security concept 28 and commissioning 28 for IT security 28 and environmental security 28 the required functionality 29 security 29 with access to the FS security zone 29 for PCs 30 guidelines 30 guidelines 30 Operation and maintenance 31 of saved data 31 patches and updates 31 incidents 31 Disposal phase out EOL 32 operating environment and application options 33 Overall view 34 Programming and download 36 Module connection 37 42 for permitted applications 39 Maintenance of IT components 40 41 42 of figures 1 Threat and risk terminology 24 2 Overall view 34 3 Programming and download 36 4 Module connection 37 42 of tables 1 Checklist for permitted applications 39 42 this document documents About this document document must be transferred from the installation personnel to the operator and availability information due to misuse This document must be available in a usable format throughout the entire cycle of the product Keep the document for reference and ensure that can be accessed by target groups you require another copy of this document please contact the Customer Center document contains guidelines and conditions for the connection to a and permitted applications for the intended operational environment information for the system operator relating to maintaining throughout the life cycle of the system is found in the of components 40 chapter information contained in this document is valid for fire control panel groups information in this document is intended for the following target groups Nominated person with overall for ensuring safe of the electrical by setting rules and conditions qualification person can be the owner proprietor or a delegated group owner Manager Support companies when it comes assessing the security of solutions and services defining and implementing Coordinates the deployment of all and resources involved in project according to schedule Provides the information required run the project of these duties can be to others as required large or complex electrical or networks the can be delegated for parts the installations or the network Are technical experts in all aspects IT security Has obtained suitable specialist for the function and for the Has attended the training courses Project Managers 42 this document documents group engineer personnel personnel Carries out all maintenance work Sets parameters for product on specific national customer requirements Checks operability and approves product for commissioning at place of installation Is responsible for troubleshooting Assembles and installs the product at the place of Carries out a function check installation Configures the product at the place installation according to requirements Checks the product operability and the product for use by the Searches for and corrects Checks that the products are in

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