Siemens FCI2011-U1 NAC Expansion Module, Data Sheet Cerberus Pro

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Cerberus PRO Fire Safety Expansion Module FCI2011 U1 AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS Sheet Adds notification appliance circuits NACs to Model FC922 and the Model FC924 fire control panels FACPs One 1 A or two 2 B NACs Supports horns strobes and horn strobes synchronization Up to 3 Amps load per output Monitors for open line and short circuit conditions UL 864 9th Edition Listed ULC Listed CSFM and NYC Fire Dept Approved Overview notification appliance circuit NAC module Model FCI2011 U1 is an module that is connected to the boards Model FCI2016 U1 or Model providing additional NACs to the and 504 point addressable fire respectively 1 A or two 2 B NACs are with the following Cerberus PRO Model FC922 Model FC924 NAC is rated at 3 Amps NAC expansion module which is for open line and short circuit is FM 3010 FDNY 6104 and 7165 0067 0259 Approved programming software is held in flash erasable programmable read only EEPROM PRO Safety Security Products for infrastructure and Humidity Range FCI2001 U1 is UL 864 9th Edition for indoor dry locations within a range of 120 3 49 2 32 3 0 2 and a relative humidity 93 2 at a temperature of 90 3 Documentation Sheet Number PRO Periphery Board FCI2016 U1 PRO Periphery Board FCI2017 U1 for Ordering S54400 A54 A1 NAC Expansion Module Expansion Module Data current current rating FCI2011 U1 W x H x D FCI2011 U1 max per circuit max typical for Application nominal terminal blocks x 3.23 x 0.71 cm x 8.2 cm x 1.8 cm Lbs 341 g cable cross section 18 American Wire Gauge AWG CerberusTM PRO Industry Inc Building Technologies Div Fernwood Road Florham Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 Fax 908 547 6877 www USA Siemens com Cerberus PRO The information contained in this data sheet document is intended only as a summary and subject to change without notice The devices described here have specific instruction sheets that various technical limitation and liability information of these instruction sheets and the General Product Warning and Limitations document also contains important information are provided with the product and are available from Manufacturer contained in these documents should be consulted before specifying or using the For further information or assistance concerning particular problems contact the Manufacturer Technologies Division Fire Safety in U S A 2013 Supersedes sheet dated 4 2012 2

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