Siemens FCM2018-U3, FCM2035-U3 Operating Interface Units (for Canada), Data Sheet

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Data Sheet AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS PRO Interface Units FCM2018 U3 FCM2035 U3 Multi use main system interface modules Power Alarm Gas Alarm Supervisory Silenced Ground Fault Audibles On and system status LEDs with Alarm as having a larger distinctive LED Partial system disable LED Audible Status LEDs and 10 configurable LEDs Model FCM2035 U3 contains one 1 set of 48 light emitting diodes LEDs System control menus Context sensitive menu Four way navigation buttons and extended views capability Ethernet port connectivity for system configuration and Firmware software transfers 5.1 cm 12.1 cm backlit liquid crystal display LCD Global annunciation and control capability Alphanumeric pad User prompted large softkey buttons for multi programming and system control operating sequence Seven 7 spare user programmable buttons Slide in labels appear adjacent to system operation buttons ULC Listed Operating Unit Unit with LEDs Overview Operating Interface Units Models FCM2018 U3 FCM2035 U3 function as the operator interfaces central microprocessors for the Cerberus PRO fire control panels Models FC922 and FC924 the PRO Intelligent Voice Communication IVC Models FV924 and FV924 as well as the Terminal Model FT924 Model FCM2018 U3 and Model FCM2035 U3 units provide multi use capability for each to efficiently events to quickly the notification appliance circuits NACs of corresponding fire alarm control panel FACP and permit a manual reset of the respective system information about the nature and location of events can also be displayed via a 5.1 cm cm backlit LCD screen audible will sound in any instance where there is an event taking place on either Model or Model FCM2035 U3 operating unit below the LCD screen are three 3 user softkey buttons that are used to control displayed information and to navigate through screens Keys are provided for entering into the features of each interface module To the right the LCD is the four way navigation menu button the end user to scroll through the list of FCM2018 U3 and FCM2035 U3 contain the site program configuration created in the custom tool Models FCM2018 U3 and FCM2035 also provide a complete menu for generating reports Cerberus PRO system is operated and controlled either one of these units which uses support Silence Audibles Unsilence Audibles Reset Model FCM2035 U3 contains one 1 extra of 48 LEDs Fire Safety Products PRO Interface Units held continued FCI2016 U1 and FCI2017 U1 provide for power and communication of the boards the use of the custom configuration tool Models and FCM2035 U3 can provide global by annunciation and control of multiple PRO systems Moreover the programming electrically erasable read only memory EEPROM display screen for each module events by type providing a separate event for Fire Alarm Gas Alarm Supervisory Trouble and events event can have a custom message of up to 40 describing the event location In addition the text message the system displays the category of active event e g Automatic Alarm Water Manual etc the category means more to officials than model numbers to eight 8 events can be displayed at a time more than eight 8 events are present the four navigation menu buttons allow the end user to up and down the list of events progress meter on the right side of the list indicates size of the list of events and the location in the New events are indicated by a exclamation point Once exclamation point changes to a non flashing check Maintenance Menu contains options for adjusting contrast and brightness for the LCD screen as well supplying options for diagnostics and system programming beyond the password protected initial screen in view system configuration functions allow the to enable disable or test alarms activate switches report control and maintain data soft key buttons allow the end user to scroll down for further information to be displayed on a given This data can be vital to an authority having AHJ or any fire official responding to an system command FCM2018 U3 and FCM2035 U3 also provide a menu for generating system status reports operating interface unit provides the user with 7 extra programmable buttons that can be for a variety of usages Models FCM2018 and FCM2035 U3 mount to the inner door of the Model FHD2004 U1 operating interface units also support following optional modules SafeDLINK Cnet network module for of Cerberus PRO FACPs RS module Model FCA2016 U1 for to remote display terminals RDTs and or remote peripheral modules RPMs for printers and Humidity Range Interface Units are ULC Listed for indoor of 49 2 to 32 3 0 2 and a humidity of 93 2 a temperature of 90 32 2 within a for Ordering S54400 C40 A2 S54400 C140 A1 Interface Unit the Cerberus PRO FACP Operating Unit w LED module the fire only Cerberus PRO FACPs Intelligent Voice IVC systems Cerberus PRO Canada Limited North Service Road East E Oakville Ontario 0H6 Canada 905 799 9937 Fax 905 799 9858 www USA Siemens com Cerberus PRO The information contained in this data sheet document is intended only a summary and is subject to change without notice The devices here have specific instruction sheets that cover various limitation and liability information sheets and the General Product of these and Limitations document which also contains important are provided with the product and are available from Manufacturer contained in these documents should be consulted specifying or using the product For further information or concerning particular problems contact the Manufacturer 2017 Supersedes sheet dated 8 2013 4 Technologies Division Fire Safety

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