Siemens FDA241- Aspirated Li-Ion OGP Detector

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Fire Safety Particle Detector Lithium Ion Battery Detector patented Dual Wavelength Technology FDA241 Engineer Specifications Patented Dual wavelength sensor Provides enhanced detection via Blue Infrared light scattering technology Differentiates between deceptive and an actual fire nuisance avoidance Responds to flaming and smoldering as well as Lithium Ion Battery off gas particle signatures Dust Sensor Indicator Detection coverage area 8,600 sq ft 800 m2 pipe network design software Programmable Alarm thresholds Out of Box install and commissioning Complies with NFPA 76 Telco standard EWFD Standard detection levels Programmable 4 20 mA output supports monitoring of Smoke value Sample pipe airflow Background dust value Background fine dust value Pre engineered pipe network designs Programmable general purpose input GPI Multiple event logging Non volatile event memory Service access for field personnel Intuitive status User Interface Supports optional function for sample pipe network Restriction of Hazardous Substances compliant VdS Approved VdS Approved battery electrolyte particle detection Aspirated smoke detection for standard protection under EN54 20 ETL Listed for Electrical safety to Std UL 61010 1 2012 Ed 3 CSA C22.2 61010 1 2012 Ed 3 Infrastructure Building Products Product Overview FDA241 is an advanced aspirated fire Li Ion off gas particulate detector designed to detect products of combustion from common fires in addition to particulate from lithium ion batteries in advance of a hazardous Li Ion battery runaway condition FDA241 unit increases the safety level of lithium ion battery protection applications FDA241 unit is the first and currently the only commercial fire detection device to earned the globally respected VdS approval The approval covers the reliable detection of Lithium Ion battery off gassing events A Li Ion battery off gassing is a leading indicator of Li Ion battery failure providing particulates a precursor to Li Ion battery thermal runaway condition uniquely designed detection chamber utilizes patented dual wavelength blue and detection technology for accurate very early warning detection of a broad of particle sizes providing high tech unparalleled fire detection to the widest of fire types while allowing the detector to distinguish non threatening phenomena avoiding unwanted alarm conditions FDA241unit protects small to medium sized mission critical Lithium Ion battery storage system BESS environments up to 8,600 sq ft 800 m2 Each FDA unit draws air into its detection chamber thru a connected sample pipe and associated sample holes installed throughout the protected space FDA unit provides 4 programmable smoke thresholds Inspect Pre Alarm Fire 1 Fire 2 which can be programmed to operate with a connected sample pipe to meet detection requirements of NFPA 76 for the Fire Protection Telecommunications Facilities as referenced in NFPA 855 out of the box detector mounting commissioning Installation is simple to combined functions for background smoke values and pipe network airflow as well as pre settings for alarm and fault sample pipe network is designed for performance using the to calculate performance of desired network layout to specific site geometry specified sample hole sensitivities isometric layout for simple visual of pipe design FDA241 Smoke and Off Gas OGP Detector Dual wavelength technology 6208 usa siemens com fire Overview continued aspirating smoke detectors with patented wavelength detection technology are successfully deployed for early reliable detection of both Fire and Li Ion battery off gas events within rooms and equipment They have proven to be suited to applications where both individual smoke detectors individual point gas detectors are one dimensional in only off gas conditions or Fire conditions but not both conditions combined Siemens FDA technology does aspirating smoke detector continually draws air from the monitored area using a connected sample pipe network with sample holes The air is brought to the detection chamber and is analyzed for smoke particles using the detector there The sensitivity level of the detector can be adjusted position and size of the sample holes are calculated with the FXS2056 ASD Asyst Tool V2 software The calculation that the sampled air passes from each sample hole to the detector within the time specified and with the required sensitivity wavelength Light Scattering Technology patented detector chamber design using a dual wavelength light scattering technology can distinguish both small and particles of combustion as well as identify deceptive phenomena is at the core of each Model FDA intelligent smoke Li Ion battery off gas detector each FDA241 detector can detect both smoldering and flaming fires all in an ecologically efficient manner is an approved Li Ion battery off gas particle detector that out performs traditional spot type gas sensors high quality optical electronic measuring chamber for each Model FDA241 houses the following components 2 optical transmitters 1 optical receiver 1 IR optical transmitter 1 Blue optical transmitter transmitters illuminate the smoke particles from different angles one sensor transmits IR scatter and the other transmits Blue scatter The dual wavelength scattered light subsequently reaches the receiver photodiode and a measurable electric signal The combination of a forward and backward scatter facilitates optimum as well as differentiates between light and dark particles particle size type of detection creates standardized responsive behavior therefore optimizing the differentiation between signals and deceptive phenomena Additionally this scenario generates the following advantages Detects Gas Particles Early detection of all fire types of fire whether they generate light or dark smoke or no smoke The fire detector can be operated at a very sensitive threshold level by achieving a higher immunity against alarms caused by deceptive phenomena interface FDA241 display contains clear comprehensible bar graphs for smoke and airflow as well as an alarm indicator an indicator and a dust indicator When the housing cover is open the operator has access to the Reset Normalize and Normalize Flow functions as well as the mini USB connector FDA241 Indicator Panel Infrastructure Building Products for user interface indicators Application Data of Model FDA intelligent aspirated smoke and off gas detector requires a sample pipe network with sample holes spaced for the area being protected as described in the system design documents The unit is powered by a 24 VDC supply adequately sized to power the unit s installed in the protected space FDA detector applications are designed with the Asyst design software to support various sample hole spacings as required in system design documents for the specific project Should questions arise regarding sample hole spacing sample pipe network etc observe NFPA 72 guidelines fire protection system engineering and common sense dictate how and when aspirated fire off gas detectors are installed used Contact your local Siemens Fire Safety distributor or sales office whenever you need assistance applying Model FDA in applications Be sure to follow NFPA guidelines and FDA detector installation instructions included with every Siemens Safe

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