Siemens FHD2012-U1 Desigo Inner Door [used with the Remote Display Terminal] (for Canada), Data Sheet

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Sheet Safety Products Fire Safety Door used with Remote Display Terminals FHD2012 U1 Used with the Desigo Fire Safety 252 point and fire alarm control panels FACPs Model FC2025 252 point FACP and FV2025 252 point IVC panel Model FC2050 504 point FACP and FV2050 504 point IVC panel Per ULC houses Desigo Remote Display Terminals the individually orderable RS interface Model FT2014 U2 R2 or Model FT2015 U2 R2 Model FCA2016 U1 AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS Mounts specifically inside of Siemens 1HU enclosures Model FHB2001 U1 Composition comprises of 16 gauge 0.15 0.06 cold rolled sheet metal Designed manufactured only in black For indoor use only Overview in the provinces the Inner Door Model must be part of the mounting of any Siemens Model FT201x series remote terminal RDT installed in a Siemens panel the inner door has the RDT securely fastened it Model FHD2012 U1 is subsequently mounted the Model FHB2001 U1 One Height Unit 1HU box into any of the following Desigo Fire Safety per ULC requirement Up to 252 addressable points Model FC2025 for FIRE Model FV2025 for IVC panels Up to 504 addressable points Model FC2050 for FIRE Model FV2050 for IVC panels the inner door is specifically designed for dry environments Model FHD2012 U1 is for use only The cold rolled sheet metal of each inner door meets ULC guidelines for Manual Controls Canada Limited Door used for Display Terminals Shipment includes one 1 cm ground strap ULC S527 11 Listed ULC S559 04 and ULC 576 Listed FHD2012 U1 has an indentation and This allows the front end of a Model remote display terminal to securely fit the enclosure back box thus providing an tamper proof access to the RDT of each inner door includes one 1 17.8 ground strap that connects from two 2 ring on the outer part of the inner door into two additional ring lugs fastened to the 1HU back box frame of each inner door contains a cutout for one 1 spring loaded fastener used to lock place both the inner door Model FHD2012 and the RDT inner door is designed and manufactured in and is comprised of 16 gauge O 15 cm cold rolled sheet metal Inner Door Bracket 6807C Data Material Color O 15 cm 0.06 sheet metal W x H x D cm 33.8 cm 5.8 cm 13.3 2.3 and Humidity Range FHD2012 U1 is ULC Listed for indoor locations within a temperature range of 2 to 0 2 as well as a relative of 93 2 and a temperature of 2 Documentation Sheet Number Enclosures and Equipment UL ULC Remote Display Terminals FT2014 U2 R2 FT2015 U2 R2 for Ordering S54400 C135 A1 Fire Safety Inner Door the Remote Terminal Display The following hardware kit is provided with order of Model FHD2012 U1 Philips semi screws the Model FHD2012 U1 door to the 1HU enclosure Strap the Model FHD2012 U1 door with the enclosure denotes the other ground strap is supplied in the ordering of Siemens Model FT201x series Remote Display Terminal This marketing data sheet is not intended to be used for system design or installation purposes the most up to date information refer to each product installation instructions Canada Limited www USA Siemens com Desigo Fire Safety Ltd Safety North Service Road Oakville Ontario 0H6 Canada 905 465 8000 www Siemens CA 2016 Issue dated 7 2013 1

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