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SIEMENS CUSTOMER CHOICE decision makers the right solutions Siemens Customer Choice you can select from our Desigo Fire Safety Cerberus PRO portfolios for the system performance and service perfect for you usa siemens com fire creates choices so that engineers can specify for performance and focus on life safety End user Training Licensing allows owners to take over their system as needed All techni are Siemens Technology Certified which allows them to install service and expand both and Cerberus PRO systems Customer Choice is designed so that our customers have the right fire life safety and service provider today and tomorrow Choose among our Desigo and Cerberus PRO if your needs evolve you have the flexibility to easily update your system and change service provider or sales outlets decision makers with the right solutions your choice System Design and Installation and Service Provider Flexibility Systems FireFinder XLS MXL Systems FireFinder XLS MXL trained end users capable of owning their own software license servicing and supporting their own system is the complete portfolio delivered by branches offering a total building Desigo offers a comprehensive of fire panels detection mass integrated building management and remote access cloud apps that an intelligent infrastructure to protect building and its occupants It provides the systems solutions and platforms to your comfort security and life safety for any application Pro PRO is the complete dedicated available from Siemens Solution in the UL Fire Life Safety market PRO offers a comprehensive portfolio fire panels detection management station remote access cloud apps which meet the of small to large or simple to complex Benefits Siemens Customer Choice allows to find the right service now and in the future Siemens creates choices so engineers can specify for and focus on life End user Training Licensing owners to take over their as needed All technicians are Siemens Certified which them to install service expand both Desigo and PRO systems commitment market approach provides world class customer choice No matter the project or need we offer the right solutions products and service provider choice for entire lifecycle of your fire life safety system Our nationwide network of Siemens and solution partners are Siemens Technology Certified to service and support Siemens fire system start your next fire life safety project and learn about which solution is best for your contact Siemens Customer Service today Call us at 800 262 7976 or email to firemarketing industry siemens com Customer Choice is our commitment to offering the products services and solutions to meet the needs of our customers the Fire Life Safety Market We offer the opportunity for these customers to identify the right channel and products to meet their needs now or in the future This includes switching service provider system or purchasing end user licensing as needed meet their needs Manufacturer Industry Inc Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 USA States of America 1 973 593 2600 No 153 SBT 514 b 09.2021 Siemens Industry Inc trademarks are property of their owners

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