Siemens FireFinder XLS Zeus v4 0 Programming Tool Installation Manual

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XLS SYSTEM Installation Manual for Zeus 4.0 Programming Tool 315 034686 5 Building Technologies Safety of Contents 1 PC Requirements 2 Installation by User or Administrator 3 Administrator Setup and Procedures 6 Up User Accounts 7 Passwords 8 the Reset Password of the Day 8 Office Password 8 Your Site s License 8 Setup 9 Password of the Day 10 Zeus 11 Upgrading Zeus 12 A Installing Office Password Release Form 15 2001 2005 Siemens Building Technologies XLS is a trademark of Siemens Building Technologies Windows Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation Acrobat Reader is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated is a trademark of Stirling Technologies Inc and Installation Software Technologies Inc Site Code Holder Password Licensed Site manual describes the installation and security unlocking of the Zeus programming tool for FireFinder XLS fire detection systems It addresses the procedures for Site responsible for the security of their company copy of Zeus as well as the Users serve person directly responsible for Zeus at a site Responsibilities include and maintaining Zeus user accounts as well the safeguarding the integrity and propriety at the site 10 character code generated by Zeus identifying the installation session Administrator reports this code to Siemens Fire Safety in order to receive Password needed to complete Zeus installation Holder Custom ID an alphanumeric code of up to 6 characters that is by the Administrator during installation The LHCID allows the to control which users can access and program a fire system panel Holder ID a 16 character identification code unique to the licensed that is provided by Siemens Fire Safety prior to installation Holder Name the specific and case sensitive name that Siemens to the site prior to installation company or group to which Siemens Fire Safety has granted a license to Zeus A requirement for licensing is the site completion of formal XLS Zeus training by Siemens password a User or Administration enters in the Zeus Login dialog at the of each software session 16 character code used to unlock Zeus after the first installation by the Siemens Fire Safety supplies the Password at the time of company or group to which Siemens Fire Safety has granted a license to Zeus i e a License Holder A requirement for licensing is the site of formal FireFinder XLS Zeus training by Siemens authorized by the Administrator to use Zeus at a site Windows based software package used to program Siemens FireFinder fire detection systems Building Technologies Safety 4.0 Installation Manual 315 034686 5 PC Requirements is a Windows 98 NT 2000 ME XP based application that runs on a notebook or desktop The minimum requirements for the computer needed to load and operate Zeus are Pentium Class CPU 200 MHz minimum 64 Mb RAM Memory minimum 128 Mb or more recommended CD ROM Drive 800 x 600 Screen Resolution 250 Mb Free Hard Disk Space 2 Button Mouse Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4 or later Serial port should have a good understanding of Microsoft Windows and of FireFinder XLS system Internet Explorer is required for accessing the Zeus HTML Help feature MSIE is not with Zeus but the latest version can be freely downloaded from Microsoft Corporation the Internet at http www microsoft com downloads Reader is also recommended for access to online documentation via Zeus Help The latest can be freely downloaded from Adobe Systems at http www adobe com 4.0 Installation Manual 315 034686 5 Building Technologies Safety Installation by Administrator or User installation process for Administrator and User alike begins with the installation of the Zeus itself onto the PC Insert the Zeus CD into the CD ROM drive after Windows is open The program should install automatically If it does not you can install it by opening Windows navigating to the CD ROM drive and double clicking the exe Zeus Installation file you are installing Zeus on a PC running Windows NT 2000 or XP you must be logged in as Administrator After installation the software can be run by a User account or higher Windows XP Zeus can not be installed or run by a Restricted User installation has begun the following sequence of screens appears Opening windows File extraction copyright and InstallShield Wizard setup No user input Repair Remove dialog This dialog appears only if another copy of Zeus is active on this PC the Zeus and Upgrading Zeus sections of this manual for more Building Technologies Safety 4.0 Installation Manual 315 034686 5 Options dialog Select the installation country and language These will affect Zeus tool project compilation rules and the tool features available to the user Choose Destination dialog Browse if necessary to change the folder the Zeus program will stored in The default program folder is C Files FireFinder XLS 4.0 Setup Status window Shows progress of software installation No user input 4.0 Installation Manual 315 034686 5 Building Technologies Safety HTML Update window Requests or confirms update of PC

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