Siemens FP2011-U1, FP2012-U1 170-Watt and 300-Watt Power Supplies - Cerberus PRO, Data Sheet

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170 Watt power supply Model FP2011 U1 and 300 Watt power supply Model provide primary regulated 24VDC nominal power for normal operation Siemens Fire Safety systems Both power supplies are filtered and regulated FP2011 U1 is rated 24VDC nominal at 6.5 Amps and Model FP2012 U1 is 24VDC nominal at 11.5 Amps Model FP2011 U1 is used with Models FC901 FC922 and FC924 FACPs Model FP2012 U1 operates with Models FC922 and FC924 FACPs as well as with Models FV922 and FV924 IVC panels PRO and 300 Watt Power Supplies FP2011 U1 I FP2012 U1 Architect Engineer Specifications Product Overview 170W Model FP2011 U1 and 300W FP2012 U1 output power to and intelligent voice IVC systems Model FP2011 U1 used with Siemens fire alarm panels FACPs to 252 504 point FACPs or IVC can obtain primary power from 300W supplies Model Operates with 120VAC or 240VAC Monitors AC power failure and conditions Short circuit or over current UL recognized component UL 864 10th Edition UL 1481 and Listed FM CSFM and NYC Fire Department 170 Watt power supply incorporates a 4.0A non resettable slow blow fuse on the input and includes a built in AC line filter for surge and noise suppression FP2011 U1 mounts in a standard Cerberus PRO brand enclosure and there are serviceable parts to be maintained 300 Watt power supply incorporates two 2 6.3A replaceable non resettable fuses on the primary input and includes a built in AC line filter for surge and suppression Model FP2012 U1 mounts in a Cerberus PRO brand enclosure and are no serviceable parts to be maintained power supplies are FM 3010 FDNY 6104 and CSFM 7165 0067 0259 Infrastructure Building Products usa siemens com fire Data Sheet 9806 Diagrams Temperature and Humidity Range FN2001 U1 is UL 864 10th Edition and ULC Listed for indoor dry locations within a temperature range of 120 3 to 32 3 0 2 and a relative humidity of 93 2 at a temperature of 90 3 32 2 Data Trouble Monitoring Signal Properties FP2011 U1 In Event Of Input Voltage or Voltage is too low after 60 s earliest W x H x D x 3.88 x 1.75 cm x 9.8 cm x 4.5 cm Weight Lbs 1361g Supply Size Design terminals Admissible 18 AWG Wire Gauge FP2012 U1 W x H x D x 3.88 x 2.5 cm x 9.8 cm x 6.4 cm Weight Lbs 1814g Infrastructure Building Products usa siemens com fire for Ordering Power Supply Cerberus PRO panels Cerberus PRO FACPS and Power Supply systems Ratings FP2011 U1 or 240VAC 10 15 60Hz 2.0A Max nominal 6.5A Max Current 6.5A and regulated FP2012 U1 or 240VAC 10 15 60Hz 3.5A Max nominal 11.5A Max Current 11.5A and regulated NOTICE The information contained in this data sheet document is intended only a summary and is subject to change without notice product s described here has have a specific instruction sheet s cover various technical limitation and liability information of install type instruction sheets as well as the General Product and Limitations document which also contains important data provided with the product and are available from the Manufacturer contained in the aforesaid type of documentation should be consulted a fire safety professional before specifying or using the product further questions or assistance concerning problems that might arise relative to the functioning of the equipment please contact Manufacturer PRO Industry Inc Infrastructure Building Products Fernwood Road Florham Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 2021 5

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