Siemens FSD901-U2, FSD901-R2, FTH2073-UA Remote Annunciator for the 50-Point Addressable System, Data Sheet

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Desigo Fire Safety Annunciator for the 50 Point System FSD901 U2 I FSD901 R2 Engineer Specifications Displays the existing status of 50 point addressable fire control panel FACP Liquid crystal display LCD shows the same event display as the main display light emitting diodes for system status Supports Silence controls CSFM NYC Fire Department UL 864 10th Edition Listed Product Overview FSD901 U2 R2 are separate LED LCD remote annunciators that show existing status of the 50 point addressable FACP Model FC2005 Each annunciator connects to the 50 point FACP through a built in RS on the main board 3.5 inch 8.9 centimeters by 1.5 3.8 centimeters LCD screen will give of the event in alphanumeric form The display screen can be scrolled to additional events Each screen supports 182 characters seven 7 lines 26 characters per line are also available A key also provided to prevent access to the control Model FSD901 U2 R2 navigation keys that are used scrolling through the list of FACP The programming software is electrically erasable memory FSD901 U2 remote annunciators are FM 3010 CSFM 7165 0067 0259 and FDNY Approved Model FSD901 U2 R2 Remote Annunciator supports the following LEDs system status conditions Power Alarm Trouble Supervisory Ground Fault Each remote annunciator can have its own system message Model FSD901 U3 R3 can be configured to display and system command or any combination of FACP events are also LEDs to indicate when audible circuits are or remote annunciator supports four 4 system control buttons including Silence and dimensions for each Model FSD901 U2 R2 remote annunciator are approx 8.5 21.6 cm H 11.25 28.8 cm W 2.5 6.4 cm D Up to eight 8 remote annunciators are supported for each 50 point addressable The weight of each remote annunciator is approximately 4 Lbs 1814 g Infrastructure Building Products Data Sheet 6817 usa siemens com fire Product Overview continued FTH2073 UA is a universal enclosure for housing annunciators It is key lock T 45 Key and has a plexi glass front so that the annunciator status can be It is louvered to attain the appropriate audio levels meeting regulatory The Universal Enclosure also contains brackets and hardware needed mounting the annunciators View Plate Model FTH073 VP can be used in conjunction with the Universal and provides a better aesthetic experience when housing the smaller and covers the unused portion of the Universal Enclosure Model Temperature and Humidity Range Model FSD901 U2 R2 Remote Annunciator is UL 864 9th Edition Listed for indoor dry locations within a range of 120 3 49 2 to 32 3 0 2 and a relative humidity of 93 2 at a temperature of 32 2 Documentation for Ordering SHEET ADDRESSABLE SYSTEM Annunciator Black the 50 point addressable system Annunciator Red the 50 point addressable system Enclosure NOTICE The information contained in this data sheet document is intended only a summary and is subject to change without notice product s described here has have a specific instruction sheet s cover various technical limitation and liability information of install type instruction sheets as well as the General Product and Limitations document which also contains important data provided with the product and are available from the Manufacturer contained in the aforesaid type of documentation should be consulted a fire safety professional before specifying or using the product further questions or assistance concerning problems that might arise relative to the functioning of the equipment please contact Manufacturer Fire Safety Industry Inc Infrastructure Building Products Fernwood Road Florham Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 2020 4

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