Siemens FT FTH annunciator Series, Environmental Product Declaration

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EPD Type II on ISO 14021 Declaration of equipment No annunciator annunciator annunciator annunciator Alarm control panel Alarm control panel annunciator enclosure annunciator enclosure line product range UL control Siemens Cerberus Electronics Ltd Fengzhi East Road Xibeiwang Haidian District BEIJING China BEIJING China System 9001 Quality 14001 Environment 18001 OH S compatible design responsibility of Siemens covers the entire product life cycle Siemens already assesses avoids and minimizes environmental impact of its products with respect to production procurement sales use services and disposal during product and process planning phases by complying with Siemens EP Standard former SN 36350 Specifications on Compatible Product and System Design use energy consumption see below protection according to load Corrugated fiber board on disposal weight of device halogen free BSCE service stragety BSCE service stragety 864 see below Box bag recyclable see below total weight of a device may deviate from the total of the weights of all individual components due to rounding tie of fire Page 1 3 Type II on ISO 14021 Silicone rubber halogen free halogen free powder coated powder coated alloy zinc plated zinc plated galvanized galvanized powder coated powder coated galvanized metal Cu metal halogen free halogen free halogen free halogen free Key Cover bracket frame Wire board board Printed Circuit Board components of the assembled PCB 100 cm parts list weight of device tie Key Cover bracket frame Wire board Page 2 3 Type II on ISO 14021 energy consumption board load Box bag device is classified as waste electronic equipment in terms of the European Directive 2012 19 EU WEEE and must be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste Regarding disposal use the systems setup for collecting electronic all local and applicable laws 2011 65 EU RoHS device does not contain substances in concentrations and applications banned under the EU RoHS Directive EC No 1907 2006 REACH the best of our knowledge and according to the information of our suppliers the above mentioned device and its packaging contain no substances of the list according to Article 59 1 10 of the regulation EC No 1907 2006 concerning the Registration Evaluation Authorisation and Restriction of REACH in concentrations above 0.1 w w according to the creation date of this document device is halogen free with exception of ribboncable PVC cable benefits reduction up to 10 Disclaimer This declaration is for information purpose only Environmental Product Declaration does not constitute a guarantee of the composition of a product neither does it guarantee that the product will retain a particular for a particular period Siemens Cerberus Electronics Ltd therefore does not assume liability for any error or for any consequences which may arise from the use of this information to the extent under the law contact your local Siemens branch office to get further information on environmental aspects and disposal Page 3 3

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