Siemens HMS-2S and HMS-SA (forCanada, ULC) Intelligent Initiating Devices, Data Sheet

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Initiating Devices Stations used with FireFinder XLS for Canada Only HMS SA and HMS 2S Sheet Safety Products AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS Durable design Shock and vibration resistant Pull down lever remains down until reset New custom microcomputer chip technology Dynamic supervision For Model HMS 2S Reset with Allen Key Two wire two stage dual address operation Surface or semi flush installation Model DPU programs and verifies the device tests for functionality Electronic address programming is and more dependable Overview Intelligent Manual Stations from Siemens Canada Fire Safety Models HMS SA and HMS 2S provide the most advanced method address programming and supervision currently to the fire industry HMS SA and HMS 2S are the essence of an technology as well as each sophisticated bi directional communication with FireFinder XLS HMS 2S designed The first stage alarm is activated when pull down lever is manually triggered while the alarm is activated when the key switch turned to ON pull switch and the second stage key Switch are identifiable and only one 1 pair of wires is for Model HMS 2S HMS SA and HMS 2S are constructed of molded polycarbonate material which is finished in red with raised white lettering The for each station accommodates a which when operated locks in position the manual station has been activated Canada Limited Fitted with screw terminals Americans with Disabilities Act ADA ULC Listed and FM Approved Canada Limited Fire Safety technology also allows all Model HMS 2S and HMS SA Intelligent Manual to be programmed via the Model DPU Tester Model DPU DPU is a compact portable and menu accessory that makes programming and a manual station device more efficient and quicker than previous methods corrosion and other conditions which can mechanical addressing mechanisms are longer a cause for concern because Model HMS is fitted with screw terminals for connection to addressable circuit Model HMS 2S can either be or semi flush mounted pull down lever remains down and locked until manual station is reset via initially opening the housing cover with an Allen Key followed by and locking the cover microcomputer chip technology for the manual has the capacity of storing in memory information as well as important information Models HMS 2S and have a second set of contacts to release such as magnetic door holders when the is pulled Manual Stations 6316C Diagrams Data Draw or Standby Dry Conditions Range Range 100 38 93 Data Details for Ordering 500 033460 Manual Station Addressable Intelligent Manual Station Manual Station Manual Station with auxiliary contacts 500 034150 Recommended wire sizes 18 AWG minimum 14 AWG maximum Wire larger than 14 AWG can damage the connector When using shielded cable without metal raceway with nonmetallic raceway the shields should be at the device ground terminal If the box is already grounded by another means such as being mounted to a grounded structure then the wire shields should be continuous and be grounded solely at the point of origin example at the control panel the device ground shall be connected to the grounded device box When using shielded cable with metal raceway wiring shields shall be continuous and solely at the point of origin device ground terminal shall be to the grounded device box When using metal raceway without shielded cable connect device ground terminal to the grounded device box Metal raceway should be continuously throughout the system This marketing data sheet is not intended to be used for system design or installation purposes the most up to date information refer to each product installation instructions Canada Ltd www Siemens Ca Ltd Safety North Service Road Oakville Ontario 0H6 Canada 905 465 8000 www Siemens CA 2018 sheet dated 2 2011 2

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