Siemens MM-SX Meter Module, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions MM SX Module for the SXL EX remove all system power before instal install the Model MM SX Meter module follow the listed below Remove the MM SX meter module from its bag MM SX has four attached leads three of the have tinned ends and one has a quick end There is also one loose black lead one quick disconnect end and one tinned end the loose lead aside The MM SX bracket has two tabs on the top which with slots in the sheet metal on the top of the enclosure the module by sliding the tabs on the module the slots on top of the enclosure Refer to 1 Route the four wires attached to the module over top of the transformer and down the left side of enclosure Connect the two shorter red wires from the MM SX terminal B of TB2 Connect both the tinned end of the loose black and the black wire from the meter module to B of TB2 Connect the other end of the loose black wire the with the quick disconnect lug to the negative of the battery pack After AC power has been applied to the SXL EX connect the long red wire from the meter to the positive terminal of the battery pack 1 the MM SX 2 the MM SX Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ 315 096105 4 Building Technologies Ltd Safety Security Products Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada

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