Siemens MOM-2 Network Option Module Card Cage, Data Sheet

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Data MXLV Module Card Cage MOM 2 Provides input terminals for auxiliary DC power Two 2 1 2 width or one 1 full width AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS slot Clamp type screw terminals for field connections Accepts the following Models MDACT NET 7 NIM 1W REP 1 ALD 2I CMI 300 CRM 4 CSM 4 CZM 4 Overview MXL Network Option Module Card Cage Model from Siemens Industry Fire Safety provides MXL main system or MXL remote units with card for option modules Each Model MOM 2 supplies space for either one 1 full width option Models ALD 2I CZM 4 and NIM 1W or two half width option modules Models CMI 300 CRM CSM 4 MDACT REP 1 and NET 7 Only one 1 Model CMI 300 and 1 Model MDACT be used per MXL system Modules are supplied card guides MOM 2 also provides a means for connecting option modules to the MXL network Model MOM routes 24V unfiltered unregulated DC and 5VDC to the option modules The DC power is either to Model MOM 2 from Models MMB 1 MMB 2 Models SMB 1 SMB 2 main board or to the Model network supply terminals are mounted onto Model MOM 2 in to provide easy access for field wiring Screw terminals are also provided for to an auxiliary power supply for use with CSM 4 indicating circuits when additional visual power is required MOM 4 mounts in the back boxes of each MXL located at the main MXL or MXLR panel Mounts in MXL main cabinet MXLR remote units MXL SS enclosures UL 864 9th Edition Listed ULC Listed FM CSFM NYMEA and City of Chicago Approved to three 3 Model MOM 4 modules can be mounted Model MME 3 which is the standard MXL Six 6 Model MOM 4 modules can be in the large MXL enclosure which is Model In each of these enclosures one 1 Model space is required if a Model TSP 40A strip should be installed Model MSE 3L can house 1 Model MOM 4 in the panel enclosure between optional circuit cards and the MXL network shall be provided by an expansion card Model MOM 2 Model MOM 2 shall provide one full width edge connector type plug in slots for the of the following network option card modules Analog Loop Driver Module Model ALD 2I Controllable Relay Module Model CRM 4 Controllable Signal Module Model CSM 4 Conventional Zone Module Model CZM 4 CXL Modem Model CMI 300 Network Interface Module Model NIM 1W Repeater Module Model REP 1 ALD 2I CZM 4 and NIM 1R shall each occupy 1 full slot in Model MOM 2 Models CMI 300 CSM 4 NET 7 and REP 1 shall each occupy slot in Model MOM 2 Network Option Module Card Cage 5043 Industry Inc Technologies Division and Operation Manual Module Card Cage Note For further details refer to MXLV IOM manual 315 092036 Documentation Sheet Number Equipment for Ordering Module Card Cage continued MOM 2 shall also provide a distribution point option module power Model MOM 2 shall supply screw terminal connections for any option field wiring This shall allow the replacement modules without the removal of field wiring MOM 2 shall be mounted in one of the MXL back boxes and Humidity Range OMM 2 is UL 864 9th Edition Listed for indoor locations within a temperature range of 120 3 to 32 3 0 2 and a relative humidity 93 2 at a temperature of 90 3 32 2 MXL Modules Analog Loop Driver 500 891238 CXL Interface Module Controllable Relay Module Controllable Signal Circuit Module Conventional Zone Module 500 699103 Digital Alarm Foreign Systems Module Network Repeater Module This marketing data sheet is not intended to be used for system design or installation purposes the most up to date information refer to each product installation instructions Industry Inc Technologies Division Safety Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 908 547 6877 www SBT Siemens com FIS in U S A Safety Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada 905 799 9937 905 799 9858 2011 sheet dated 2 02

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