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CC Monitoring Only Solution Assembly MOSA Architect Engineer Specifications Product Overview Cost effective monitoring only XNET designed for connecting a CC management station to an FIRE network XNET monitoring only solution assembly MOSA is a cost effective monitoring XNET interface designed for connecting a Desigo CC DCC management to an XNET FIRE network using a non UL 864 non ULC S527 11 Listed as an ancillary annunciator MOSA transports the XNET protocol over an Ethernet connection between a and a DCC management station MOSA is UL ULC recognized as an ancillary annunciator when used with a 864 non ULC S527 11 Listed computer The MOSA can connect to XNET networks comprised of the following Desigo Fire Safety Modular FireFinder MXL Network Command Center NCC or Hybrid XNET networks that follows XNET rules for hybrid networks the combination of Model MOSA and a non UL 864 ULC S527 11 PC can replace a Model NCC 2F LifeLINK interface card or SNC as well as a 864 ULC S527 11 Listed PC for connecting the Desigo CC management station an XNET network for monitoring only connections See Details for Ordering section on Page 4 for the list of kit components for Model MOSA Allows Desigo CC to connect to an fire network from any non UL ULC S527 11 Listed computer as ancillary annunciator Transports the XNET protocol over an connection between the Monitoring Only MOSA and the Desigo CC station Converts XNET XNET Solution Assembly station Desigo Up to four 4 Model MOSA can to each Desigo CC server or Processor FEP XNET Monitoring Only is UL and ULC recognized an ancillary annunciator when with a non UL 864 ULC S527 Listed PC MOSA connects to the XNET FIRE via the monitoring port on Model a Desigo Fire Safety to NRC network rings are also where MOSA connects to the network ring via the NRC NIC C An assembled Model MOSA must be within 20 feet 6.1 meters wires conduit of the FireFinder XLS V panel the NIC C interface and 24 Volts power source to the MOSA actual distance is limited to 10 feet 3 due to the length of the NIC C to cable In addition the Model MOSA must be installed 20 feet 6.1 meters wires in of Ethernet a MOSA to the intranet set up of a MOSA Infrastructure Building Products usa siemens com fire Sheet 5083 Specifications continued MOSA requires a fixed IP address A total of four 4 XNET MOSAs can connect to each Desigo CC server or End Processor FEP A MOSA enclosure Model ENCL 01 contains a key lock that is placed in the center right side and the door hinge is located on the left hand side of the enclosure There are three 3 1 2 2.54 cm 1.91 cm NPT knockouts two 2 on the right hand side and one 1 NPT knockout on the left hand side Diagrams following conceptual connection diagrams illustrate different options for connecting a Desigo CC station with an XNET FIRE network via a Model MOSA are three 3 possible Ethernet connections A direct Ethernet connection between Model MOSA and the Desigo CC Server An Ethernet connection using an Ethernet switch to connect the MOSA with the Desigo CC Server An Ethernet connection using an Ethernet switch to connect the MOSA with the Desigo CC Server and an Desigo CC monitoring only client on the intranet network network configurations are possible Connection Connection Infrastructure Building Products Connection Additional Client s following diagram illustrates the dimensions of a Monitoring Only Solution Assembly enclosure Model ENCL 01 Drawing dimensions in inches Technical Data Infrastructure Building Products Ratings Properties BACK PLANE CURRENT TERMINAL 24V CURRENT BACK PLANE CURRENT STANDBY CURRENT W H D 8.5 13.3 2.75 cm 33.8 cm 7 cm Lbs 3,629g for Ordering TYPE order of Model MOSA consists of the following components One 1 Model ENCL 01 One 1 Model S2E Serial to with key lock door Module One 1 Model XND M One 1 Model PS 5A XNET interface Module for 5V power supply module One 1 Model BRKT M One 1 Model CBL M MOSA for mounting an XND M to a Model ENCL 01 2 S2E power cables red 1 black 1 XND M power cable 1 NIC C to XND M cable 10 feet 3m Spare Parts Bracket for mounting an XND M module to a Model ENCL 01 enclosure Enclosure with Key Lock Door XNET interface Module for MOSA Module 5V Power Supply Module Cables included in each shipment 2 S2E power cables 1 red 1 black 1 XND M power cable 1 NIC C to XND M interface cable 10 feet 3m TYPE SHEET Documentation system overview FIRE Power Supply system overview Voice CC Management Station XLS system overview FIRE XLS voice system overview and VOICE Interface Card use with FireFinder XLS Interface Card use with Desigo Modular system Fire Safety Modular system overview Infrastructure Building Products NOTICE The information contained in this data sheet document is intended only as a and is subject to change without notice The product s described here a specific instruction sheet s that cover various technical limitation and information of install type instruction sheets as well as the General Product and Limitations document which also contains important data are with the product All are available from the Manufacturer contained in the aforesaid type of documentation should be consulted with a professional before specifying or using the product further questions or assistance concerning problems that might arise relative to proper functioning of the equipment please the Manufacture

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