Siemens MPS-6 Power Supply Module, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions MPS 6 Supply Module Model MPS 6 from Siemens Industry Inc is a supervised power supply that provides the MXL with primary 24 VDC power It is rated at 6.5 and is unfiltered and unregulated The MPS 6 the MXL Control Panel or PSR 1 and its modules with the power required for operation The module incorporates a 2 amp circuitbreaker on the primary input and a built in AC line filter for surge and noise The MPS 6 mounts in an MXL enclo backbox remove power before installation installation kit for the MPS 6 includes the 10 nuts 10 lockwashers 10 flat washers nuts 14 gauge green ground strap MPS 6 is designed to operate from a 120 VAC Hz power source Use a separate or dedicated Wire in accordance with local codes Article 760 of the NEC NFPA 70 latest edition the earth ground from a suitable source to the Check local requirements Conduit is not acceptable conductor Make sure that the dedicated circuitbreaker the MPS 6 is turned off at the mains Place the mounting bracket for the MPS 6 over two studs provided in the enclosure Refer to 1 Secure the MPS 6 to the enclosure by slipping the washers then the lockwashers and finally the over the two studs Tighten them securely Connect the AC mains to the MPS 6 hot neutral earth ground Install the 14 gauge green ground strap spade lug to Terminal 3 green earth ground of the Secure the ring lug side of the ground to the nearest available stud in the enclo The stud size may vary depending on the system modules and enclosure used the stud may be either a 10 thread or thread nuts for both have been provided The strap provided is long enough for all and the ring lug is good for both 10 studs If possible install the ring lug under of the lock washers and nuts which secure MPS 6 itself When used with a PSR 1 the 3 wire cable coming from the MPS 6 the PSR at P12 used with an MMB 1 2 3 or SMB 1 2 the 3 wire cable coming from the MPS 6 the MMB 1 2 3 or the SMB 1 2 at P1 Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ 315 090334 8 Building Technologies Ltd Safety Security Products Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada 1 in MXL Enclosure CABLE TO P1 P1 P12 315 090334 8 2 of MPS 6

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