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s System Migration make sure that any building can have best in class life safety system migration strategies provide you the latest technology minimal costs and virtually no downtime Clear Path to Maximum Protection from our advanced FireFinder XLS technology while safeguarding past investments Siemens we are dedicated to ensuring that every can provide maximum protection for its people property This drives us to not only develop best in life safety systems but also to address past invest protection with each advance in technology MXL to FireFinder XLS Line Card MLC is the latest of this commitment Users of MXL and MXLV life systems will be able to upgrade to our latest XLS V technology with minimal disruption maximum protection of past investments in and training Migration Simplified to the latest technology is easy All that is replacing the head end of your current MXL with a new FireFinder XLS head end The MLC the new FireFinder XLS to seamlessly receive data the MXL field devices An additional signaling card in FireFinder XLS interfaces with your existing notification including strobes horns speakers and combined All of your current field devices and cabinets untouched Cost Less Downtime leveraging your existing MXL system to the fullest our strategy saves you both money and time There no need to replace field devices And with no new wiring the disruption to your facility is minimal and the to train your personnel on new devices is eliminated for the Future you migrated to the FireFinder XLS you will be our most state of the art life safety system As a you can easily incorporate the latest technologies integrated voice evacuation and mass notification as well as groundbreaking new fire detection being developed by Siemens Peace of Mind can begin working with your Siemens representative to plan your life safety systems migration We you with a review of your current system and a and budget for installing your new FireFinder head end the MXL to FireFinder XLS Line Card MLC you can replace your MXL head end with a FireFinder XLS head end and benefit from the latest technology while leaving your field and cabinets untouched System System System System a new FireFinder XLS head end your life safety will benefit from the most advanced system in the industry FireFinder XLS head end features a 6 LCD screen and intelligence pro into the system With larger text prompts and clear graphics both responders and maintenance person will find it easy to read and easier to Features of the FireFinder XLS include Floor Plans and Maps detailed build graphics with fire location icons a are here indicator allow responders to know immediately the operator panel is in relation the fire Hazmat Icons easily recognizable indicate the presence of explo gases or liquids poisons fumes or hazardous materials that may be certain areas of your building and firefighters may encounter Special Needs Mapping using symbols and graphics and the mapping capabilities of the XLS you can highlight areas where individuals with needs reside allowing first to prepare for additional or other considerations Custom Instructions an additional screen allows you to and access custom instructions specific building areas or for actions to be taken during emergency event Help Feature if the operator wants know more about a function or step FireFinder XLS interface provides a button that will provide additional Installation Service Industry factory authorized can provide complete after support and services for entire life safety system Their certified technicians are by more than 60 years of proven in designing and maintaining safety systems This means they are to provide service for all of your life needs clear graphics and intuitive the FireFinder XLS system delivers maximum ease of use Siemens as your MXL MXLV partner you benefit from Expertise on your current system A superior migration strategy No new learning curve After installation service False Alarm guarantee Best in class technology and much more Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 2011 Industry Inc rights reserved Part 153 FIS 101

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