Siemens OP921 Cerberus PRO Intelligent, Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Data Sheet

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PRO and Peripherals Smoke Detector with OP921 Engineer Specifications UL 268 7th Edition Listed Built in ISOtechnology 252 Isolation devices per SLC Each detector is self testing Self monitored for sensitivity UL Listed limits complete diagnostics performed 10 seconds Compatible with Model 8720 DPU programmer loop tester Polarity insensitive via SureWire Functions with Model DB 11 bases Tri color detector status light emitting Remote sensitivity Field selectable application sensitivity Extended temperature and humidity Utilizes advanced microprocessor based Automatic environment compensation Superior electromagnetic interference EMI LED with 360 view capability processing range radio frequency interference RFI RoHS compliant UL 268 Open Area Smoke Detection UL 268A Duct In duct housing use UL 268A Duct Direct in Duct use ULC S529 Smoke Detector ULC S530 Actuated Fire Detection FM 3230 CSFM File 7272 0067 0258 UL Listed FM CSFM Approved Restriction of Hazardous Product Overview Photoelectric Smoke Detector Model OP921 uses state of the art microcontroller and surface mount technology for maximum reliability Model OP921 an optical sensor using a light scattering detection principle The device advanced software algorithms to analyze the signals providing highly stable accurate smoke detection OP921 is UL 268 7th edition listed incorporating advanced built in True Class X SLC operation use is optional greatly improving reliability and circuit integrity while providing advanced addressable fault detector fits into one 1 wall or ceiling footprint and only occupies one 1 on the signal line circuit SLC OP921 is a plug in two wire addressable photoelectric smoke detector whose Laboratories Listed UL268A Listed for direct in air duct usage with built in feature Model OP921 detector utilizes a dust resistant photoelectric smoke chamber and electronics with a low profile plastic housing Every Model fire detector is shipped with a protective dust cover OP921 is a wide spectrum photoelectric smoke detector that incorporates an light emitting diode IRLED as well as a light sensing photodiode Under conditions light transmitted by the LED is directed away from the and scattered through the smoke chamber in a controlled pattern smoke chamber is designed to manage dissipation and extraneous reflections dust particles or other non smoke contaminants in such a way as to stable consistent detector operation smoke enters the detector chamber emitted from the IRLED is scattered by the particles and see images on page 2 Smoke Detector received by OP921 Data Sheet 9902 usa siemens com fire Infrastructure Building Products Labyrinth Optical Optical OP921 Settings Parameter Sets OP921 provides 2 pre programmed sensitivity parameter sets that can be selected by the Siemens fire alarm control in order to match the expected application or environmental conditions Dust cover Photoelectric Standard This application parameter set which is ideal for normal office hotel lobby type is the default setting This application parameter set is used when the detector is used a UL268A DI compliant in air duct application without a duct housing OP921 does not require a field sensitivity test Model OP921 is UL Listed as a self testing device complies with NFPA 72 as a self monitoring detector and control panel arrangement parameter set is also used when Model OP921 is used in air duct housings Models FDBZ492 and quick visual inspection is sufficient to indicate the condition of Model OP921 at any time more detailed information is required a printed report can be provided from the compatible FACP the status and settings assigned to each individual detector When Model OP921 moves to mode the detector will flash RED and continue flashing until the system is reset at the FACP that same time any user defined system alarm functions programmed into the system are OP921 contains a tri color LED indicator capable of flashing any one 1 of three 3 distinct GREEN YELLOW RED each flash interval the microprocessor based detector monitors the following scenarios on the results of the monitoring the LED indicator flashes the following INTERVAL denotes LED can be turned OFF Please follow the corresponding description of the panel used sensitivity is within the range indicated on the nameplate label in its sensing chamber sensors and electronics are functional is in trouble and needs replacement sensitivity is within rated limits supervisory operation is not powered condition COLOR seconds FLASH Infrastructure Building Products quick visual inspection is sufficient to indicate the condition of the detector at any time more detailed information is required a printed report can be provided from the respective Cerberus PRO FireFinder XLS V FC FV9 FACP that indicates the status and settings assigned to each detector Installation Model OP921 intelligent addressable detectors use a surface mounting base Model DB 11 or DB 11E which mounts a 4 inch 10.2 cm octagonal square or single gang electrical back box The base utilizes screw clamp contacts for connections and self wiping contacts for increased reliability Model DB 11 detector base can be used with the optional Siemens Model LK 11 detector locking kit which contains detector locks and an installation tool to prevent unauthorized removal of the detector head Model DB 11 has conducive plugs to cover the outer mounting screw holes OP921 may be installed on the same initiating circuit with the Model H detectors when used with Cerberus PRO Modular FireFinder XLS V FC FV9 FACPs detector which is shipped with a protective dust cover consists of the following Data Built in ISOtechnology for True Class X SLC performance Dust resistant photoelectric chamber Microprocessor based electronics with a low profile plastic housing Model OP921 intelligent addressable detectors are approved for operation with the Underwriters Laboratories specified range of 32 to 120 0 to 49 See installation manual P N A6V10323928 for further details Data XTRI series interface modules HTRI series interface modules HMS XMS series manual stations HFP 11 HFPT 11 detection devices HCP output control module HZM conventional zone module of Model OP921 smoke detectors require a two wire circuit In many retrofit cases existing wiring may be T tapping is permitted only for Style 4 Class B wiring Model OP921 is polarity insensitive which can greatly installation and debugging times When operating in NFPA 72 Class X applications SLC polarity must be maintained support up to 252 isolation ready devices per loop When used in mixed mode a maximum of 30 non isolated devices isolation devices wired in polarity insensitive mode See control panel instal

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