Siemens OPC Interface Specifications Version 5 1 FS20GB

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OPC Interface Specifications Version 5.1 No Infrastructure Infrastructure Fire Panel workbook describes the objects provided by the Siemens OPC Data Access Server to represent the fire control unit Model Model Item PresentValue Item Mode State Activate on OPC Item Mode Alarm Alarm Object Model defines the states and commands of all instances of that type In particular an Object Model virtualizes a class of physical objects devices and points in system by means of specific properties the OPC inteface the physical object is represented by an instance of an Object Model that contains PresentValue and Mode properties represented by two VT UI4 Items An approprate combination of these two values defines the real state of the instance result state When a command is issued it acts on the Mode property This results in changing the state of the instance identify the Object Model of each object instance open the CSV export file with a spreadsheet program and refer to the Object Model column See also Example of CSV File in section OPC Server of the online help DA Specifications V5.1 FS20GB xlsx 2 of 4 Object Specifications Infrastructure Model Panel CN entire FS20 host panel or terminal with respect to the process information In addition a Device object is associated so that each host can be addressed as an individual node the BACnet internetwork on OPC Item Mode Item PresentValue Item Mode State Default Mode Release Default Mode Release Fault DA Specifications V5.1 FS20GB xlsx 3 of 4 Industry Inc Infrastructure Headquarters 1a Zug 41 41 724 24 24 Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2021 specifications and availability subject to change without notice

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