Siemens PAD-3 Distributed Power Module NAC Expander Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual

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Fire Safety PAD 3 Power Module NAC Expander Operation and Maintenance Manual Building Technologies Inc Fernwood Road Park New Jersey 07932 315 099082 9 Building Technologies Ltd Kenview Boulevard Ontario L6T 5E4 Canada of Contents ii 1 Design Features 1 Standards 2 Specifications 3 5 the Enclosure 5 Unit Mounting 6 Routing 7 Descriptions and Electrical Ratings 8 The PAD 3 9 Wiring 10 Connection 11 Module Battery Connection 12 Y Class B Input Output NAC Wiring 13 Z Class A Input Output NAC Wiring 14 Power Supply Output 15 Trouble Relay 15 Fail Relay 16 Fault Detection Enable Disable 16 TO CONTROL UNITS 17 APPLICATIONS 27 Appliance Power Applications 27 Holder Applications 32 33 Switch Settings 33 the Input Output Configuration 34 the Auxiliary Output 35 the Input Control of their NACs 36 the AC Power Fault Reporting Delay 37 Settings 38 DATA 39 Selection Guides 39 of Solid Copper Wire 39 Size Calculations 40 DEVICES 41 Indicators 41 Operation 41 Conditions 42 Replacement 43 MAINTENANCE 44 45 9 Electrical Code Fire Alarm Code with the use of this Owner Manual the appropriate following standards and the manufacturers for initiating and signaling devices should be used to install and maintain a functioning Fire Signaling System 70 72 101 Standards Contact the authority having jurisdiction for other standards that may apply Publications contact Fire Protection Association Park MA 02269 Safety Code DESCRIPTIONS Model PAD 3 from Siemens Building Technologies Inc is a notification and auxiliary power that provides up to 6 amps of 24 volt DC for powering notification appliances and auxiliary The PAD 3 provides its own AC power connection battery charging circuit and battery Used with a fire alarm control unit this enables you to connect and distribute power to many devices than your control unit may normally allow GENERAL DESIGN FEATURES PAD 3 has two optically isolated inputs that provide the connection from the fire alarm control unit appliance circuit to the PAD 3 The inputs also provide a connection for returning a trouble to the control unit notification appliance circuit fire alarm control unit supervises its notification appliance circuit used for communicating with the the same way it supervises ordinary NACs The inputs on the PAD 3 monitor the polarity of the coming from the fire alarm control unit NACs to determine when to operate the notification circuit outputs The PAD 3 emulates the trouble behavior of a NAC by opening the EOL current for trouble conditions Note that the PAD 3 will sense the polarity of the fire alarm unit NACs to drive the outputs whether or not the supervision connection is intact following situations will open the EOL supervision at the inputs indicating a trouble condition No or Low AC power No and Low battery condition Ground fault to the output wiring Auxiliary Power Supply output over current condition NAC output open shorted or over current condition on outputs associated with its input input 1 controls all four outputs a fault on any output will cause input 1 to indicate trouble The fault not affect input 2 input 1 controls outputs 1 and 2 and input 2 controls outputs 3 and 4 a fault condition on output 3 or 4 cause input 2 to indicate trouble The fault does not affect input 1 the PAD 3 inputs and outputs are activated the fire alarm control unit will not be able to sense conditions through its notification appliance circuit connected to the PAD 3 input circuits Use the trouble relay when it is necessary to monitor trouble conditions and active alarm conditions at the time Appliance Circuit Outputs PAD 3 has four dedicated power limited NAC outputs that can be configured as two Style Z Class or four Style Y Class B circuits PAD 3 provides three configuration options that will drive outputs as slaves that will follow the input if the inputs are on constant as ANSI temporal code or Sync strobe horn operation of the four outputs is rated at 3 amps though

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