Siemens PAD-4-ENCL, PAD-4-MB NAC Extender with use of FP2011-U1, FP2012-U1 power supplies (for Canada), Data Sheet

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Sheet Safety Products Accessories Distributed Power Supply Unit for ULC markets Appliance Circuit Extender PAD 4 ENCL PAD 4 MB with FP2011 U1 FP2012 U1 power supplies AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS Four 4 B power limited notification appliance circuits NACs C general Trouble AC Fail monitoring contact Optional built in strobe synchronization Supports coded audible signals including Temporal 3 Temporal 4 patterns A field selectable wiring Each unit can support an optional module Model PAD 4 CLSA that converts A Card PAD 4 CLSA 2 built in A NACs into four 4 A NACs Uses Flash memory based system firmware Optional system diagnostic and firmware upgrade tool Up to 3 Amps of auxiliary power output Power supplies support NAC power Up to 6A used with Model FP2011 U1 Up to 9A used with Model FP2012 U1 Advanced microprocessor control Battery supervision and control 24VDC output voltage ADA Compliant Overview with Siemens Fire Safety fire alarm control FACPs the Distributed Power Supply PAD 4 is a NAC expander with a built in auxiliary output Each PAD 4 unit distributes power in buildings for audible and visual that conform to the Americans with Act ADA PAD 4 also has the following NACs Signal input circuits Battery charging circuit Trouble relays for remote monitoring Diagnostic light emitting diodes LEDs Alternating Current AC power connection Siemens NACs which connect with alarm devices have been designed to provide highest level of reliability and performance coding on the circuits accomplished integrated circuits rather than relays eliminates mechanical wear on the output Board PAD 4 MB Enclosure PAD 4 ENCL Multi module mounting in System 3 enclosures Multiple modules share battery set Ground fault detection ULC S527 Listed 3010 CSFM 7315 0067 0268 Approved PAD 4 unit provides constant 24VDC output to each NAC independent of voltage on the primary or secondary power As a result a larger voltage drop and a wire length for each NAC are supported by PAD 4 version of the Siemens Distributed Power Supply can be configured in the following manner that the outputs easily programmable Synchronized strobe outputs American National Standards Institute ANSI Temporal 3 ANSI Temporal 4 for carbon monoxide CO alarm signal outputs are also two 2 inputs used to control the of the four 4 outputs Programming can set so one 1 input will silence the audible signal Siemens Models or horn and while the strobes remain active Power Supply NAC Extender Model PAD 4 series 3363C Canada Limited Technologies Division software continued of each PAD 4 unit is controlled by stored in Flash memory on the main board well as the storage of a 10 event log which can viewed via Model PAD 4 FDT In the event that upgrade to the system firmware is required the can be transferred to the system without replacement of firmware chips optional PAD 4 FDT can be used for system diagnostic of the following Primary power voltage readouts Current draw for power charger Configuration switch settings Firmware version Battery voltage the tool is in communication with Model PAD the Mode LED is illuminated Model is a USB serial port adapter that is for tool kit operation NAC extender supervises a variety of functions Low AC power Battery voltage level Earth ground fault conditions power can be directed to two 2 A or four B power limited NACs Each NAC supports to 3 Amps per circuit Either one 1 or two 2 can control four 4 outputs which are with all Siemens Fire Safety 24VDC signaling devices cases where A circuits are used an optional PAD 4 CLSA module can be added providing 2 additional A outputs to each PAD 4 NAC extender is also capable of operating other of a Siemens fire alarm system such as door via 3 Amps 24VDC max of power limited output When the output activated the power available cannot exceed 6 Amps when with Models FP2011 U1 or 9 Amps when used FP2012 U1 conditions are monitored through each two 2 inputs In addition one 1 C contact is provided for monitoring each unit is connected through the input of a Siemens Therefore the user has the option of a PAD 4 NAC extender unit into a NAC of Siemens FACP or the unit may be monitored with Model TRI series monitoring module on a Siemens fire system separate C Trouble contact is used with each NAC extender to indicate AC Trouble events on the NAC extender Canada Limited Technologies Division packaged own sheet metal unit with sufficient space to house up to 7AH sets The enclosure Model PAD 4 ENCL is in red battery charger used in each unit can energize of up to 18AH Though when battery sets than 7AH are required the battery set must housed in a System 3 enclosure or a separate Listed battery enclosure 3 enclosures may also be used to house Model PAD 4 units in a single enclosure via Model S3AP Adapter Plate Two 2 units are of sharing the same battery set when in the same enclosure Model S3AP can be used to mount the PAD 4 main board and power supply Model FP2011 U1 into a enclosure Model PAD 4 unit complies with seismic pursuant to the following ASCE Standard 7 2005 Edition International Building Code 2006 Edition California Building Code 2007 Edition ICC ES AC 156 effective 2007 OSHPD preapproved under OSP 0057 10 OSHPD CAN 2 1708A 5 Rev 3 Model PAD 4 series unit also complies with certification pursuant to ASC SEI 7 05 13.2.2 when used with the PAD 4 battery Model PAD4 BATT BRKT Options outputs outputs Controls Input s 1 1 Input 2 Silences horns on Output 1 1 2 1 2 1 and 2 3 and 4 2 3 and 4 1 Types B circuits B circuits B circuits B circuits B circuits B circuits 1 1 1 2 1 through 4 1 through 4 1 and 2 3 and 4 Input 2 Silences horns on Output 1 A pairs A pairs A pairs A pairs denotes when used with Siemens or horn strobe devices Lights Power ON PS Fault 1 Trouble 2 Trouble 3 Trouble 4 Trouble Mode Data Fail Trouble Contact Rating A

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