Siemens PFT Series Portable FireFighters’ Telephones, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions PFT Series FireFighters Telephones PFT Series FireFighters Telephones include models PFT and PFT P as shown in 1 Both models have a jack at the end of the phone that plugs into either an or FJ 304 SS plate Model PFT P has a button PFT Series is compatible only with the FireFinder XLS Desigo Fire Safety PRO Modular System Model only 1 PFT Phone 315 099427 4 Inc Inc Inc Industry Inc Inc TTTTTececececechnologies Di Di Di Division Di security disclaimer products and solutions provide security functions to ensure the secure operation of building comfort safety security management and physical security systems The security functions on these products and are important components of a comprehensive security concept is however necessary to implement and maintain a comprehensive state of the art security concept that is to individual security needs Such a security concept may result in additional site specific preven action to ensure that the building comfort fire safety security management or physical security system your site are operated in a secure manner These measures may include but are not limited to separating physically protecting system components user awareness programs defense in depth etc additional information on building technology security and our offerings contact your Siemens sales or department We strongly recommend customers to follow our security advisories which provide on the latest security threats patches and other mitigation measures http www siemens com cert en cert security advisories htm Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ Canada Ltd North Service Road East Ontario 0H6 Canada ID A6V10239289 315 099427 4

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