Siemens RPM Desigo Fire Safety Modular Remote Printer Module, Data Sheet

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Fire Safety system Printer Module RPM Architect Engineer Specifications Product Overview Supervised intelligent module Provided within its enclosure Provides an remote printers Two 2 serial ports and 1 port provided Supports B Style 4 A Style 7 wiring Downloadable module firmware Built in transient protection Plain decimal addressing UL864 CAN ULC S576 Listed CSFM NYC Fire Department Remote Printer Module Model RPM provides a means of connecting the Fire Safety Modular system to a parallel printer for creating a hard copy of status and configuration reports Simultaneously Model RPM provides a System Interface FSI output port that can be configured to communicate external systems such as building management systems Specifications RPM which is remotely connected to the HNET communication bus from Model NIC C output in a Desigo Fire Safety Modular system enclosure uses B Style 4 or Class A Style 7 wiring Moreover there are two 2 RS ports and one 1 parallel port that allow connection to a parallel printer as Model PAL 1 with the simultaneous operation of the FSI serial port or a serial port FSI serial port can be configured as RS or RS and will provide data a monitoring system with no control capabilities FSI is also to be used for primary or secondary monitoring the Desigo Fire Safety Modular system by the foreign system of the Desigo Fire Safety Modular system through this is only allowed for use with authorized UL Listed products communication is bi directional and includes verify that data sent by the Desigo Fire Safety Modular system been received by the monitoring system Model PAL 1 is used with the remote printer module RPM supervises the printer for ON OFF Line Power On Out Paper Jam and wiring fault conditions as required UL for NFPA 72 proprietary systems Event and report is generated at the Operator Interface OI on the main Fire Safety Modular system RPM has integral mounting flanges to allow the module be mounted unobtrusively under a table or behind a desk RPM requires 24VDC nominal input power which can be from a Model PSC 12 Power Supply or Model PSX 12 Supply Extender in each Desigo Fire Safety Modular enclosure RPM Printer Technologies Division Sheet 7325 Specifications continued RPM has screw terminals capable of supporting 12 to 22 American Wire Gauge AWG wires with connection to the NIC C network interface card using B Style 4 or A Style 7 wiring H Net communication from Model RPM or may pass through for communication with other modules light emitting diodes LEDs on each Model RPM indicate power and communication status the Desigo Fire Safety Modular system can be Modular Temperature and Humidity Range Remote Printer Module is UL 864 9th Edition listed for indoor dry locations within a temperature range 120 3 49 2 to 32 3 0 2 and a relative humidity of 93 2 at a temperature of 90 3 32 2 Ratings for Ordering CURRENT DRAW Plane CURRENT DRAW Terminal CURRENT DRAW Plane CURRENT DRAW TYPE Desigo Fire Safety Printer Module for system Listed Parallel Printer NOTICE The information contained in this data sheet document is intended only a summary and is subject to change without notice product s described here has have a specific instruction sheet s cover various technical limitation and liability information of install type instruction sheets as well as the General Product and Limitations document which also contains important data provided with the product and are available from the Manufacturer contained in the aforesaid type of documentation should be consulted a fire safety professional before specifying or using the product further questions or assistance concerning problems that might arise relative to the functioning of the equipment please contact Manufacturer Fire Safety Industry Inc Technologies Division Fernwood Road Florham Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 2017 New Issue 0

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