Siemens RSM Series Remote Switch Modules, Data Sheet

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RSM Series Switch Modules Key Operated or Toggle Maintaining or Momentary Mounts in Single Gang Box Compatible with All Fire Safety Alarm Controls Four Versions for Application RSM Series of remote switch modules provide inputs to XLS MXL PXL SXL EX FS 250 and Siemens Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety Life Safety System They can be used for remote of the system as well as performing tests and status inputs These switches can satisfy specified needs regardless of the system the building RSM Series switches are available in four models have keyed switches and two have rocker switches keyed variety match the key on Fire Safety control One of each switch type is latching and one is key operated switch models have flying leads on a pole normally open contact The toggle switch have flying leads on Form contacts They in a single gang electrical box and include a red plate Additionally they include 4 labels for Reset and Drill functions plus one blank Information to Installation Instructions P N 315 096170 NUMBER Diagram Building Technologies Safety Safety Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 973 593 6670 www sbt siemens com fis in U S A Safety Kenview Boulevard Ontario L6T 5E4 905 799 9937 905 799 9858 2005 sheet dated 9 02

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