Siemens Single-Node Upload (SNU) Modules for Cerberus PRO Modular FACPs, Data Sheet

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Cerberus PRO system Upload SNU Module SNU KIT SNU ASSY PS 5A PMI 1 UPLD CBL Engineer Specifications Cost effective Allows transferring and Up to 64 Cerberus PRO Modular Utilizes a dedicated 128 bit secure designed for transmitting data between the ZEUS C and Cerberus PRO Modular system connected remotely of information stored the Operator Interface OI panels can pass along system from as many SNU assemblies cable connection Universal Serial Bus USB cable is used Model FCM2041 U3 interface and each SNU assembly A serial cable Model PMI 1 UPLD CBL be ordered for cable connection a Person Machine module and each SNU One 1 Universal Serial Bus cable is included in each of the SNU assembly Model ENCL 01 from an integrated power supply ULC S527 3rd Edition Listed 7165 0067 02222 and 6160A Approved SNU hardware mounts in a separate Each SNU assembly gets continuous UL 864 10th Edition and UL 1076 Technologies Division Product Overview in conjunction with Cerberus PRO Modular system panels the Single Node SNU is an optional system module that provides a solution for downloading Cerberus PRO Modular system configuration data A given SNU can easily transmit information from a personal running the ZEUS C custom configuration tool to a maximum 64 Interfaces OIs Model FCM2041 U3 dedicated Ethernet connection is the means used to allow SNU to directly provide from the ZEUS C tool to the remotely located Operator Interfaces OIs the Ethernet connection is separate from all existing system networks HNET and DNET as well as any other network devices USB connector used in regular ZEUS C communication also provides the connection between each Model FCM2041 U3 and the SNU module for Cerberus PRO Modular fire or fire voice systems that operate with legacy central processor interface a serial cable Model PMI 1 UPLD CBL be ordered for use with the SNU assembly DETAILS FOR ORDERING the following page SNU module has three connections Power and USB The data between tool and the single upload is made through direct 128 bit Secure Model SNU Node Module Sheet 8360 Data RATINGS TYPE for Ordering ALARM CURRENT STANDBY CURRENT SCREW TERMINAL CURRENT BACK PLANE CURRENT BACK PLANE CURRENT Properties W x H x D X 13.3 X 2.75 cm X 33.8 cm X 7 cm 8 Lbs 3,629 g Documentation PRO MODULAR OVERVIEW PRO MODULAR INTERFACE PRO Modular System Upload SNU Kit One 1 ENCL 01 enclosure key lock door One 1 PS 5A power supply screws included One 1 SNU ASSY Processor One 1 Universal Serial Bus USB for connection between a SNU and Model FCM2041 U3 One 1 processor cable for between a SNU and the 24VDC supply Model PS 5A One 1 SNU Installation Manual A6V10525432 enclosure key lock 5V Supply Module USB to Adapter Cable connection between PRO Modular system upload assemblies and Operator Interfaces S54430 C19 A1 S54430 A3 A1 UPLD CBL SHEET S54465 C63 A1 NOTICE The information contained in this data sheet document is intended only a summary and is subject to change without notice product s described here has have a specific instruction sheet s cover various technical limitation and liability information of install type instruction sheets as well as the General Product and Limitations document which also contains important data provided with the product and are available from the Manufacturer contained in the aforesaid type of documentation should be consulted a fire safety professional before specifying or using the product further questions or assistance concerning problems that might arise relative to the functioning of the equipment please contact Manufacturer PRO Industry Inc Technologies Division Fernwood Road Florham Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 2017 New Issue 0

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