Siemens SLT-1 Leased Line Municipal Tie Module, Data Sheet

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s SXL EX Fire Control Panels Line Municipal Tie Module SLT 1 Remote supervising station service AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS NFPA 72 Chapter 4 Auxiliary fire alarm service NFPA 72 Chapter 4 Placement supervised Meets UL 1459 Standard for interfaces UL Listed ULC Listed FM CSFM and NYMEA Approved Overview SLT 1 from Siemens Industry Inc Fire Safety is leased line and municipal tie module that is fully field from the SXL and SXL EX display SLT 1 is Underwriters Laboratories Inc Listed meets the requirements of their standard No for telephone line interfaces Line remote station which is the leased line portion of SLT 1 is designed to transmit Alarm signals a protected property to a fire headquarters station or other similar supervised control via leased telephone lines It meets the of NEMA Standards and NFPA Standard 72 for remote station fire alarm systems so that it be used with any annunciator designed to these standards circuit which has built in surge protection on the polarity reversal principle Under operating conditions the supervisory or alarm current is held between 3mA to 9mA DC The maximum load resistance of the leased line including the receiving equipment is 5K ohms Industry Inc Technologies Division Tie municipal tie portion of Model SLT 1 which meets requirements of NFPA Standard No 72 for auxiliary systems is designed to activate a local municipal fire alarm box module contains solid state circuitry to supply and operating power to the municipal fire box The circuit is a two wire closed loop carrying 1 mA DC of supervisory current Upon operation the current is increased and the is reversed activating the tripping coil in the fire alarm box which in turn transmits coded signal to fire headquarters trouble event will be indicated from an open or a municipal box operating coil when no alarm is or from an opening in the municipal tie line trouble prompts will be indicated from an open or a municipal box operating coil when no alarm is present or from an open in the municipal line SLT 1 has a polling light emitting diode LED pulses when the module is operating correctly If SLT 1 is not operating properly the LED will be OFF mode Tie Module 7905 prompts from Model SLT 1 shall be as Code 5 in the SXL and SXL EX 7 display SLT 1 is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc meets the requirements of UL standard No 1459 Telephone Line Interfaces Actuation Options of the alarm signal can be accomplished a Siemens Fire Safety Leased Line Module Model Model SLT 1 communicates on a 4 four wire loop with the main SXL and SXL EX panel of a local energy type municipal fire alarm is capable via a Siemens Fire Safety Municipal Tie Model SLT 1 which communicates on a 4 data loop with the main SXL and SXL EX for Ordering Line Municipal Tie for SXL and SXL EX See catalog sheet 7906 for further SXL EX data Instructions document for Model is P N 315 093285 fire alarm control panel FACP shall be a Fire Safety SXL and SXL EX shall utilize Zones shall be micro processor based fully field programmable The base panel shall 4 initiating zones relay outputs for general and trouble and two power limited circuits capable of a total of 3 Amps of for notification appliances system shall be expandable to eight 8 zones an expansion module Model SZE 4X which contain an additional four 4 conventional four 4 general purpose relay outputs and 4 general purpose open collector outputs SLT 1 shall contain a polling LED which will when the module is operating properly The shall be when the module is not operating Ratings Current 50 mA ohms external resistance should exceed 22.5 ohms Current Tie Coil Current Power Line DC max DC 24.1VDC Standby Alarm 24.1VDC Current 5K ohms 9mA Alarm Supervisory Circuit Power open circuit load be a compatible polarity remote station unit Standby Alarm This marketing catalog sheet is not intended to be used for system design or installation purposes the most up to date information refer to each product installation instructions Industry Inc Technologies Division Safety Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 908 547 6877 www SBT Siemens com FIS in U S A Safety Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada 905 799 9937 905 799 9858 2010 sheet dated 5 06 1

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