Siemens Smoke Control Actuating DXR installation instructions

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s Control Compliant DXR Instruction Numbers OHM Resistor Assembly Kit Enclosure Range Smoke Control Compliance for Smoke Control Compliance Control Listed Small Equipment Control Listed Large Equipment Enclosure Listed Class 2 transformer with 50 60 HZ 0.5A primary with hub 24 Vac 96VA Control Compliance Transformer primary 14 AWG 24 Vac Input Power 14 to 18 AWG DO AI 18 to 20 AWG DI 18 AWG LAN 20 to 24 AWG following instructions and information apply if used for control sequence port 11 and 12 not used or connected for smoke application Smoke Control Listed products enclosure and trans see Parts for Smoke Control Compliance section for information Rating 24V 60 HZ 72 VA Output DO are the only I O suitable for smoke con application Digital Output DO Electrical Ratings Vac 6VA per DO maximum 40 VA total from the DXR2 to the field panel is a maximum feet 24 AWG minimum circuits are power limited FLN is RS 485 or the following documents for more information on smoke control applications Smoke Control Systems Application and Engi Manual 125 1806 Smoke Control System Application Guide NFPA and UL Standards Relevant to Smoke System Application Guide 125 1817 24 Vac relay module is not for smoke control Industry Inc 1 4 Dimensionru 4 2018 07 11 A6V11416604 Industy Inc Mounting damper shaft size 1 2 inch shaft continue 5 8 inch shaft remove1 2 inch guide 3 8 inch shaft use provided insert damper blades and mark damper shaft adjustment lever tot he proper torque Solid metal 70 5 inch pounds Plastic graphite composite 37 2 inch pounds Hollow metal shafts use provided insert damper blade rotation the manual override switch move the adjustment le to the proper position Clockwise left Counterclockwise right mounting bracket Industry Inc 3 4 Wiring 4 2018 07 11 A6V11416604 Industy Inc

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