Siemens SNC XNET Interface Card for Management Stations, Data sheet

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XNET Interface Card for Stations SNC Architect Engineer Specifications Connects management station to Siemens Modular XLS and or MXL fire via XNET network Operates in both Class B and Class X configurations Provides a supervised RS 485 XNET connection USB v2.0 compliant interface and in any available PCI or PCI slot Network ground fault detection Connects management station to WAN Enclosure for Desigo Cerberus DMS or NCC WAN UL864 10th Edition and UL1076 Listed 3rd Edition Listed Product Overview Serial Network Card Model SNC from Siemens Fire Safety is a network that is v2.0 USB compliant and is used to connect a Siemens Modular and or MXL panels with a Siemens Management Stations via communications to replace the Model NCC 2F card Model SNC optionally an interface to wide area network WAN components including the Model HUB 4 card over HNET communications 1 Model SNC can provide connectivity to either a XNET or HNET while the use of two 2 SNCs can connect to XNET and HNET SNC Network Card one 1 Model SNC may also be used in a Siemens Modular and or MXL panel configuration with Model SNC housed inside Siemens Virtual Network Tunnel VNT This allows for interfacing HNET XNET between multiple XLS systems SNC provides an electrical Station PC and the actual network Siemens SNC module fits in any available PCI or PCI Express compliant Model SNC is independent of the slot connection and the tab is only for additional support electrical connection data power for Model SNC is made via the USB interface between the Siemens Siemens Smart Infrastructure Building Products Sheet 5084 for Ordering MODEL Network Card used for connectivity to Siemens Stations Ratings Voltage from USB Current max Documentation Sheet Software CC DMS Fire Safety Modular PRO Modular The information contained in this data sheet document is intended only as a and is subject to change without notice product s described here has have a specific instruction sheet s cover various technical limitation and liability information of install type instruction sheets as well as the General Product and Limitations document which also contains important data provided with the product and are available from the Manufacturer contained in the aforesaid type of documentation should be consulted a fire safety professional before specifying or using the product further questions or assistance concerning problems that might arise relative to the functioning of the equipment please contact Manufacturer Industry Inc Infrastructure Building Products Fernwood Road Florham Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 2022 2

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