Siemens SR-35 Supplementary Relay Module, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions SR 35 Relay Module Model SR 35 Supplementary Common Relay module Siemens Industry Inc is a System 3 module that one module space in the system enclosure The contains eight independently activated relays that activate or deactivate external devices such as door fan shutdowns extinguishing system releases alarms etc Actuation of the relays may come the System 3 Control Panel a ZU 35 Zone module SM 30 Switch module or any other module with the signal output DC voltage supply is connected by screw term to provide for both plus and minus There are additional screw terminals for connection of the to the next module terminals 34 and 36 The voltage may vary from 20 to 30 VDC with a total load current of 170mA 21mA per relay relay provides a single pole double throw SPDT arrangement rated at 2A resistive 30 VDC 125 The actuation of any relay can be selected to from either a high going actuation input signal or a low going current sink input signal a high going actuation input operation is selected in position A the input may vary from 5 to 35 including the 24 volt full wave unfiltered voltage from System 3 zone alarm outputs This input must be lower than 1.3 VDC to ensure that the relay is non operational An additional 5mA current must be added to the total load require for each relay actuated the operation selected is a low going signal B one terminal of the relay coil is directly to the related actuation screw terminal terminal is then connected through the switching and returned to the power supply common 36 Open circuit voltage at the actuation is that of the supply terminals 33 35 Sink is that of the relay 21mA and must be at 15mA to ensure relay operation Information Requirements de energized None Energized High Going 26mA per relay Energized Low Going 21mA per relay Mount the module to the horizontal mounting in the control enclosure the Model JA 5 5 in long bus connector assembly between receptacle P2 of the and receptacle P1 of the module or control immediately preceding it in the bus If the preceding module is on another row in enclosure a JA 24 24 in long bus connector assembly will be required Modules are to be bus connected from right to left two row enclosures the modules in the lower are to be connected from left to right Succeeding are to be alternately connected right to left to right etc a module is the last module in the system install a JS 30 30 in long or JS 64 64 in long bus assembly from the unused receptacle of last module to terminal 41 of the CP 35 control This completes the module supervision circuit a supplementary relay module annunciator or output module is used then the alarm outputs 1 Zone 1 and 6 Zone 2 should be to these units Test to the CP 35 Control Panel Instruction Manual and Wiring Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ 315 087691 11 Building Technologies Ltd Safety Security Products Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada Wiring 315 087691 11 Arrange P1 through P8 for either a high going input position A or a low going signal position B for the related relay Relay 1K1 is shown in position A for high going actuation the input may come from terminal 1 or 7 of CP 35 or from terminal 1 or 7 of ZU 35 Relay 2K1 is shown in position B for low going actuation it may be returned to terminal 36 of SR 35 device Relay contacts are shown de energized Relay contacts are rated 2A 30 VDC 125 VAC Minimum wire size 18 AWG wire size 12 AWG The SR 35 is non power limited on all terminals

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