Siemens STRI-S STRI-D STRI-R Addressable Switch Interface Modules, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions STRI S STRI D STRI R Switch Interface Modules STRI Series Addressable Modules from Building Technologies Inc shown in 1 interface direct shorting devices to the loop circuit of the FS 250C System STRI modules are available in three models STRI S and STRI R can monitor a normally or closed dry contact The STRI S can only and report the status of the contact while STRI R incorporates an addressable Form C The STRI D is a dual input module that and monitors two sets of dry contacts connect the STRI to the Programmer Tester the plug from the SDPU provided with the Pro into the on the front of the Be sure to insert the tab on the plug into the for the locating tab on the as shown in Figure 2 prevent potential damage to SDPU DO NOT connect an to the SDPU until at least wire is removed from 1 or 2 of the STRI to Figure 2 to locate the opening on the STRI cover that allows access to the holes which are on the STRI printed circuit board 1 Module FOR TAB FROM 2 The SDPU Plug Building Technologies Safety 315 049475C 4 to Figure 3 Follow the instructions in the SDPU Manual P N 315 033260C to the STRI to the desired address Record the device address on the label on the STRI front panel The STRI can now be installed and wired to the CLOSED OPEN NOTE 4 NOTES 2 AND 3 OF LINE OHMS OF LINE OHMS There can be any number of normally closed or normally open switches The end of line resistor must be located at the last switch Do not wire a normally closed switch across the end of line resistor Only for use with status applications 3 Switches to Figures 4 9 Refer to the appropriate wiring diagram below and wire the interface module accordingly wire size AWG minimum AWG maximum larger than 14 AWG can damage the connector Limited Wiring compliance with NEC Article 760 all power limited fire protective signaling must be separated a minimum of inch from all of the items located within an outlet box light 1 or non power limited fire protective signaling conductors meet the above requirements the following guidelines must be observed when this interface module power limited wiring is not used within this outlet box then these guidelines do apply In that case be sure to follow standard wiring practices Control Module GANG BOX 1 2 INCHES DEEP SQUARE BOX 1 8 INCHES DEEP STRI R Control Module must be used when STRI R relay contacts are to non power lines Break apart the to the correct size and shown in Figure 4 for the 4 inch square or gang box Install the diagonally into the to create two compartments the backbox to the wires as shown Figure 4 OFF THIS WHEN A DOUBLE BOX OFF THIS WHEN A 4 INCH BOX 4 the STRI R Control Module Barrier Building Technologies Safety 315 049475C 4 Entering Outlet Box All power limited wiring must enter the outlet box separately from the electric light Class 1 or non powered limited fire protection signaling conductors For the wiring to terminal block positions 1 2 3 4 and 5 must enter the outlet box from terminals 6 7 and 8 the length of wire entering the outlet box AT THE TERMINAL BLOCKS Limited Wiring to Figure 5 Wiring to positions 2 3 4 and 5 is power limited Limited Wiring Wiring to positions 6 7 and 8 is considered limited shield ONLY at the specified on the Control Panel device must be a 470 ohm 1 4 W When replacing an existing STRI a device loop you must also replace EOL resistor if it is not 470 ohms 1 4W CONNECTED TO TERMINALS THROUGH 5 TO ENTER EXIT BOX OPPOSITE SIDE WIRES CONNECTED TO 6 THROUGH 8 POWER LIMITED NON POWER LIMITED 5 Power Limited Wiring CONTACTS NOTE 6 NOTE 7 USED All supervised switches must held closed and or open for least a quarter of a second guarantee detection End of line device 470 ohm resistor P N 140 820164 Model EL 33 with 470 ohm resistor STRI is polarity insensitive 1 and Line 2 can be either of the loop CX 2 Addressable Device Loop 31V max 18V min pulsing maximum 1.3mA Supervised switch ratings maximum 6 VDC maximum 6mA polling resistance maximum ohms cable length feet 18 AWG line size line size AWG AWG to shield to line Relay contact ratings 125 VAC resistive 30 VDC resistive 120 VAC 0.6 P F 30 VDC 0.6 P F 120 VAC 0.4 P F 120 VAC 0.35 P F 30 VDC 0.35 P F relay is shown in standby 1 2 1 2 NEXT DEVICE CONTROL PANEL FROM PREVIOUS DEVICE OF LINE DEVICE NOTE 2 SWITCH NOTES 1 AND 5 NOTE 7 6 Wiring 1 2 1 2 NEXT DEVICE CONTROL PANEL FROM PREVIOUS DEVICE OF LINE DEVICE NOTE 2 SWITCH NOTES 1 AND 5 7 Wiring 1 2 1 2 NEXT DEVICE CONTROL PANEL FROM PREVIOUS DEVICE OF LINE DEVICE NOTE 2 SWITCH NOTES 1 AND 5 NOTE 7 Building Technologies Safety 8 Wiring USED OF LINE DEVICE NOTE 2 SWITCH NOTES 1 AND 5 315 049475C 4 From Previous Page Terminal 5 must be to earth ground Use wire nuts to pass the wire through the box with NO to the device block or to local Use shielded wire to the switch wiring Tie the switch wiring shield terminal 5 or the local ground Positive and negative ground detected at 60K ohms terminals 3 and 4 5 of the STRI S D R must be connected a known good earth ground for proper operation Interface Models STRI S STRI D and STRI R mount directly into a user double gang or 4 inch switchbox Fasten the module to the switchbox with switchplate using the 2 screws provided red LED will blink to indicate an off normal input switch position and or an internal transfer sure to program the STRI before fastening the switchplate to the unit SQUARE BOX 1 8 INCHES DEEP GANG BOX 1 2 INCHES DEEP 10 the STRI S R D SQUARE Building Technologies Ltd Kenview Boulevard Ontario L6T 5E4 Canada Building Technologies Safety SQUARE 315 049475C 4

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