Siemens SXL-EX-UK Upgrade Kit, Installation Instructions

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Fire Safety Instructions SXL EX UK Upgrade Kit the SIEMENS Model SXL EX UK kit to the SXL EX system firmware to the released firmware GUIDELINES follow the installation instructions below upgrade the SXL EX firmware CAUTION equipment is extremely vulnerable static discharge Extreme care should be when performing this upgrade Notify the person in charge of the fire alarm and the Fire Department if they are to the SXL EX that the control will be temporarily out of service while firmware upgrade is installed Confirm your configuration by entering the mode at all levels Compare the configuration with your copy of 7 Programming Sheet found in the Manual P N 315 095997 First make to Table 7 if necessary Power down the system battery first then AC Remove U9 SXL EX firmware Do this by one end of the IC slightly then the end Continue this process until the IC free Use a short thin blade for best results Remove the new SXL EX IC from its materials and check to see that all the pins are straight Straighten any that not Place the new SXL EX IC in the socket for Locate the notch in the end of the IC to left as indicated by the silkscreen outline the PC board Be sure that all of the pins into the proper socket holes Press down to seat the IC properly Power up the system AC first then battery Building Technologies Inc Fernwood Road Park New Jersey 07932 315 096066 3 Building Technologies Ltd Kenview Boulevard Ontario L6T 5E4 CN

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