Siemens System 3 Marine Fire Detection System Manual

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Marine Fire Detection Manual 3 Control Panel Coast Guard Approved No Cert No 161.002 17 8 File No S522 Building Technologies Inc 593 2600 Safety Fernwood Road 593 6612 Park NJ 07932 315 086283 7 of Contents OF CONTENTS 1 Wiring Lists 2 POWER REQUIREMENTS 4 EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTIONS AND FUNCTIONS 5 Modules 5 Supplementary Modules 7 Enclosures 8 Remote Annunciation 11 Audible Alarms 11 Initiating Devices Automatic 13 Initiating Devices Manual 15 CONTROL PANEL CONFIGURATION 16 DETECTOR APPLICATION AND SPACING 17 Smoke Detectors 17 Thermal Detectors 17 Planning a Fire Detection System 18 Detector Installation 21 System Maintenance and Testing 22 POWER CALCULATIONS 23 Power Calculation Sheet 24 Determining Current Requirements for a Given System Configuration 25 Batttery Backup Power 25 Determining Battery Size Necessary for Backup Power 28 of Contents Guard System 3 Typical Drawing 30 No 315 085585 Coast Guard Approved Equipment List 31 Connections Cover and Enclosure Mounting 39 No 315 086284 No 515 021941 Module Assembly 40 I 3 from Siemens Building Technologies was developed as a flexible wide range fire and control system System 3 uses a concept Only those functions desired in system are built into that system Any of various input and output circuits may custom assembled in various size enclosures manual contains information regarding System 3 equipment and detectors that US Coast Guard approved under No 161.002 17 8 The use of any equipment in systems required by US Guard regulations but not US Coast approved should only be considered absolutely necessary Special US Coast one time approval would be required No 315 085585 Coast Guard Sys 3 Specification is considered a part of this See print in Appendix page 30 In the typical internal module to module of two control panels is shown on pages and 3 in the form of typical Wire Lists Either wiring list of this type or a complete point to wiring diagram should be furnished with system and should be kept as on board for future reference in system and maintenance When designing Fire Control Systems various types of vessels the designer be aware of the required vessel type and SOLAS regulations applicable that vessel I Introduction LIST DWG E 315 085585 Sheet of LARGE SYSTEM Job No Space No of BP 30 I Introduction LIST DWG E 315 085585 Sheet of Name SMALL SYSTEM Job No Space No of BP 30 RC 30U CONTROLS B6 THRU B8 II REQUIREMENTS is a US Coast Guard requirement that the detection system have two sources of Most large ships have both main and emergency generators they can satisfy this requirement arranging to have power supplied to the detection system by both the main and generators US Coast Guard approved Power Relay must be used for the transfer from main power to power when the main power has 15 to 20 potential variation transfer to secondary power creates a and audible trouble signal on the CP Control Panel The Model PTR 1 Power Relay from Siemens Building Inc has been designed for purpose and is US Coast Guard ap cases where there are no emergency battery backup power to the is required Revised US Coast regulations have reduced the battery operation time to 36 hours passenger ships and 18 hours for all types of vessels In cases where it is a option to furnish the fire detection with standby battery power even there are main and emergency supplying the system there is no battery operation time period it would be recommended to be a of 18 hours the smoke detection system is with battery backup power it is to calculate the system power to determine the battery capacity necessary The can be done on the Power Sheet page 24 and the Battery shown on page

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